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it seems as if the PBS station WMHT in Albany NY is not going to be broadcasting the Ron Paul Documentary on Dec 14 at 8:30. It is not listed on their online programing guide or on the Time Warner programing guide. This is outragious.

Video preview link.

I sent them an email expressing my disapointment. You should too!


Thanks all

Ron Paul 08!

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PBS = Government Run = What do you expect?

It's run by the government. So you shouldn't be surprised that the guides are wrong.

The schedules come out a few weeks before hand

call your local station

A lot of the time the TV listing for PBS is wrong.

I remember when the other interview with Paul was on, it said it wasn't. And coupe of other times it's been like that. Just check at the time and see if it's on.

WMHT will have it I think

I just looked on their website and it appears that it'll be on WMHT2 which is cable only at 8:30 and then on regular WMHT at 10:30. It doesn't give a program description, but I'm assuming (hoping) it is the Ron Paul one.


Put in your Zip Code and search for NOW.

If you search for Ron Paul, you may or may not find it, depending on whetther TVGUIDE has the description of the show.

Their search function is great as it will give you all upcoming references (at least 2 weeks) on any channel in your area.


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I've noticed this with PBS affiliates before

I've noticed this with PBS affiliates before, check an entire weeks programming to see when they normally put on NOW in your area, they don't always air on the same date everywhere. I have two PBS stations where I live and they always show the various programs on different days, and both are delayed from what is considered the original air date. I very much doubt they are going to refuse to air one of their most popular programs, you just need to broaden your search timeframe.

Some of my favorite quotes, by Cicero, over 2000 years old, some things never change.

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-Endless money forms the sinews of war.
-Freedom suppressed again, and again regained, bites with keener fangs tha

No Listing

I Searched their website guide for NOW and there is nothing listed

At 10:30 PM on WHMT

NOW is listed on WHMT in Albany at 10:30 PM on December 14th, 2007

Look here.

PBS Blockage....???

After reading the comments here, I checked my local PBS Station, WHYY in Philadelphia. Guess What? NOW is not on at 8:30. I searched their site for the program, then I checked for details, and found that locally for me, it is airing at 10:30 pm. And, it is airing the Ron Paul interview.

Please double check your local stations! Don't miss this important program!

Memphis Air Time:

Sunday Nov 16, 8:30 AM Central

Not shown airing in Tampa

Not shown airing in Tampa either

Telephone Numbers:
(813) 254-9338
(800) 354-9338

(813) 253-0826


Local PBS Stations

I get 2 PBS stations on my cable (Comcast). Actually, it is 3 since one of them is available in HD and non HD.

The station with only non HD is not broadcasting it at all. The other station that has HD is only broadcasting it on non HD.

do you live in NH?



stations have flexibility in what they air that depends to a degree on how much local programming they produce. Advisors to my company have told me organized pushing for local airing of a particular show would guarantee its exclusion.. but I would imagine RP supporters, in the broad cast area of the station in question, would have to be listened to, especially if they were donors sounding like they had a sincere interest in the Ron Paul guy..


10-15 million more voters need to believe in non-interventionism (liberty) at home and abroad to change America. Minds changed on Syria. Minds changing on privacy. "Printing money" is part of the dialogue. Win minds through focus, strategy.

that may be so..

But the Friday night time slot (which NOW is often shown in) for the Durham,New Hampshire affiliate is showing Bob Dylan Live in Newport.

Now I am from Newport, Rhode Island, and I must admit that it is a badass film, but it is not locally produced. They are basically just showing a music video from 1963 instead of this pertinent Ron Paul piece. I think we should politely request that they air the Ron Paul piece.

At the very least we should get all of the New Hampshire supporters of Ron to write emails to their local affiliate requesting that they air this. Maybe they could include their local address to confirm that they are indeed New Hampshire residents.

Thoughts anyone?

DP's been

my homepage since May, and you are the FIRST fellow Rhode Islander I've read. Your grandfather obviously is referring to WSBE Channel 36. As for activism I restate what I said before which is what you're saying now. Especially any RPers who also happen to donate to public television. - JP

10-15 million more voters need to believe in non-interventionism (liberty) at home and abroad to change America. Minds changed on Syria. Minds changing on privacy. "Printing money" is part of the dialogue. Win minds through focus, strategy.

It looks to be a go in Seattle

It's listed at 8pm on the 14th for KCTS in Seattle.

Let's put this on youtube

Let's put this on youtube and try to get a lot of view....

Call or e-mail them & let them know how you feel



Not Here Either

I live near San Francisco, and there are at three PBS affiliates I receive, and I can't find the program listed for any of them. Expanded cable has four more affiliates, and I can't find it on them either.

So, what is this ghost program? Sure looks good, but will anybody see it?

I will be writing to all the PBS stations and asking them what gives.


Don't get your knickers in a knot too soon....you can send the video to anyone you wish right now!

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A lot of voters are older folks...

who do not have computers. Often times while canvassing in New Hampshire I would suggest that people check out his website, and some people simply didn't have internet access (particularly the older people.) We should push for this to be shown on the Durham station.

further proof

my grandfather in rhode island just called me and told me about the Ron Paul piece on PBS. He does not have internet access. He is an undecided voter. The point is we need to get the Durham, NH PBS station to carry this program.

Are you sure?...

It doesn't describe what "NOW" will be like, but NOW is listed for the 14th at 10:30 PM on Channel 17.

Sure I'm Sure

PBS - WMHT in Albany is listing Antiques Roadshow
PBS - NJN in New Jersey is listing State of the Arts

Ditto in NH

Also true of New Hampshire public television- A bigger bummer.

What!?! Why the hell not?

NOW is one of their national shows (and one of their most respected), why in God's name would they not being showing it in New Hampshire?

We need to make a serious effort NOW (pun intended) to make sure this airs in New Hampshire, this looks like the most positive mainstream media coverage we might get.

Ditto in NJ

Is it going to be shown anyplace?