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1st Step to Radical Localism

We need to stop screwing around here.

Counter-Economics + Non-Parcipation + Non-Violence + Local Permascience = Community-Economics

It begins with Radical Localism.
---We begin by controlling what we can!!

||||||||Homegrown Revolution|||||||

Notice the numbers: 6,000 pounds of produce on 1/10th of an Acre!!!!

There's another video I'm looking for with a guy who turns people yards into "mini Homegrown Revolutions" and does all the work as long as he gets to keep 90% of the produce for the first 3 years. After that the people keep all of it and he shows them how to maintain it.

This is how he is making his living -- He has 10 houses he maintains and earns $100K per year at Farmers Markets!

Do the math: Approx. 4500lbs per year per house, 4.5K X 10 = 40K lbs -- He keeps 90% of it; 4050lbs -- If he gets $2.50 per lb at Farmers Markets he nets around $100K per year.

It's Johnny Innovating Appleseed Man!! He leaves behind one whole family 78% off the public food grid.

*ponnnng* Shimmering Gong Sound

DISCLAIMER: #1 Watch the video link (that's what I'm going by) -- #2 I'm not a farmer (though I worked 30 acres of farm/orchard every summer from 10-19yrs of age). #3 I am a man with a can do hyper-imaginative mentality, who knows we are not maximizing our creativity or our land-air-underground spaces

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BEING There ...

... Doing That.

This 'Work of Art' has been a favorite resource of insight, information, and inspiration to me for over 25 years:


Great thread, and I haven't yet viewed the video.

Really nice video

Really nice video

I got some good ideas

from watching the video. I'll do a Google search for hand-powered appliances and was interested in their design for the bicycle-powered grain mill. I need one that's more compact for my planned "tiny house" cabin. I plan to have my own year-round garden/orchard in Ecuador with a minimal power homestead.

I'm less interested in using permaculture as a political tool than as a survival tool after the S really HTF, whether from economic collapse, EMP attack, high-lethality pandemic, or natural mega-disaster.

Here's a hand-crank blender although not the same as in the video:

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

check out Path To Freedom

The Dervae's family "farm" in Pasadena, Ca.

cee cee

cee cee: That's who my link is tied too

This will not be for everyone, but every community will have enough of these folks and enough private farmers to provide local food at very low costs.

Community-Economics strikes on many fronts.

I'm working on the model as we speak.

The model must begin with benefit-by-it's-practice and no longer mean self-sacrifice (voting-lobby-invest in others).

Free-Markets is driven by Individualism therefore the model to Free-markets must rest on individual-benefit.

It must benefit the poor, middle, and rich -- not a take-and-break model.

missed the link sorry octo

they hold movie nights and pot lucks as teaching tools

and source my favorite spots to eat in the area

have learned much from them...thanks

cee cee

wait wait - you know them?

Do they e-mail?

Can you pass on my contact info -- I have ideas!!!

Send me a note -- click on the Octobox link


Thanks (a priori)

Michael Nystrom's picture

Bicycle powered tools are a great idea.

I'd like to see more of them.

I'm less interested in using permaculture as a political tool than as a survival tool

Believe me, simply putting these practices into action is a political act, because you take a stab at the status quo.

Most grocery stores operate on a 2-3% margin. It wouldn't take much of a shift in consumer behavior for the ripple effects to be felt all the way up the chain.

He's the man.

He's merely an opportunist with skills

Kudos to him

So what's the difference between your "Community Economics" and "Transitional Towns"?

Permaculture and Transitional Towns

.....they don't realistically address the destruction of corporatism.

That's the short anwser.

There are aspects of Perm and TT in Community-Economics, I borrow a lot.

Are you sure Octo?

If we grow/eat locally, make our own energy and water locally, transact locally (even if that means bartering or under the table stuff) and build up local networks of small businesses that can provide beneficial alternatives to those mega corporations, then doesn't that serve to starve the corporations? If that movement catches on, wouldn't they have to downsize to the point of insignificance? Wouldn't that type of organization make it easy to spread the word of liberty and who's on the right side of the fence?

This is what I'm doing. Local for all aspects of my (and my entire town's) life... except for internet and I'm working on that solution!

As my mother used to always say to guilt us, "If any of you want to help out, it'll go that much faster and then we can go to the park."

C-E is the vehicle Permaculture is one of the solutions

.....as I said below Permaculture should not strive to become the vehicle -- it should focus on being a strong soil based solution.

Specialization and Decentralization should be the key.

You must think of a headless monster that can only be killed by destroying the brain -- kind of like Davy Jones from Pirates of the Carribean (had to kill his heart but his heart was hidden).

This is how terrorist cells operate - it is a CIA tactic.

Permaculture could try to become "all encompasing" but I think it would lose its specificity and strength.

This is just my opinion.

Don't know the exact definition of permaculture

but I think of being self sustainable as more the messenger making people aware that they can get off the grid and away from big corporations running their lives. After that, maybe the politics will follow.

Please take a few minutes to search Permaculture

We have a DP user that We have not heard from for a while because he is somewhere without Internet setting up this kind of thing somewhere in the world.His user name is Permaculture and he could explain it to you in about 7 posts.It is worth the time to investigate.You could use the search button on this site and just put in permaculture.
I wonder what happened to him?

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Forty Acres and a mule

It takes forty acres and a mule for a man to sustain his family on a proper diet of grain, fruit, vegetables and occaisionally meat, and not good meat.

Back in the days when forty acres was determined as what a man needed, our rivers had plenty of fish and game, no license reguired, to subsidize a diet.

Transitional Towns and their Peak Oil, Climate Change, Permaculture science are all straws designed to break the sustainable corporate system we have in place.

If you look on the UN Agenda 21 map of areas that are designed to eliminate human life, there's where the Transitional Towns are taking place.

I find it ironic that those who are way into Transitional Towns were the same who were saying illegal labor had rights. I would be far more impressed if they were riding bikes to these meetings, but to be honest, they appear to be the kind a human like Hitler, Stalin or Mao needed to succeed. The kind who think humans are a cancer, and they have the cure.

They don't. They never did.

Have a good posting day.

I'm Creole so I get the "40 acres and Mule" comment

Yeah -- I'm not partnering with them -- i'm just saying there is overlap because I don't want to fight with the Trannys and Permies, smile.


Creole is French-Spanish- Native American

You mean you are Mulatto?

The only families who are entitled to recieve the Forty acres and a mule are those who have the letters from the federal government in their possession. Those letters exist in the hands of great grrrrrand children of named freemen, many who were already land owners.

How did "Nigger" become a "black" lable? The first of my paternal linage came into the the New World colonies from Africa as an indentured slave when he was 2 years old in 1668, who was set free before the US Constitution was penned. It appears he may have been sold into slavery and Africa was merely a departure route for slaves of ALL races and nationalities.

I see Transitional Towns as more slippery slopes.

Granger: Creole, Kreyole, Kriol, and Crillolo

It's not just a french word nor does it mean "french, spanish, native"

The "real" origin means "pure blood"

The whites in Cuba would call themselves Crillolo; then blacks did as well -- then "mullatos"

In Haiti the only "creole" you'll see are very dark black.

Mulatto means "one black parent and one white"

I'm not into "transitional towns" (by group orientation -- meaning the people who use that term to mean a very specific concept). I do believe with "some" of their philosophy.

Hey Box

I knew that was you!What a frigging insult!That is right,"let me tell you where you can shove your 40 acres"

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.


They are rapidly organizing and implementing their "solutions" with no oppositional debate. They are following up their meetings with lectures, as today, David Cobb, past Green Party presidential candidate will talk about a new amendment ending corporate personhood.. so it appears to me, they do have a realistic address to the destruction of the corporatrion.

Who controls the land, the water, the soil

and the supply chain?

Their mode absolutely does not address that and the reason why they are moving forward is size, scale, and speed of implementation.

Don't get me wrong -- Permaculture is 100% apart of Community-Economics

Think of C-E as a vehicle for all the individualist models to ride in.

Time Banking
Underground Economy
...etc etc

I did not create any of those -- I'm working on the vehicle (that's how I'll word it from now on to be clear).

As a tree hugger, I have a pilo-erection reading this thread!

It's in our DNA to get excited about soil.

Goose bumps are created when tiny muscles at the base of each hair, known as arrectores pilorum, contract and pull the hair erect. The reflex is started by the sympathetic nervous system, which is in general responsible for many fight-or-flight responses.
It's in our DNA to get excited about soil.

"God is the experience of looking at a tree and saying, 'Ah!"
— Joseph Campbell

War is severely detached from nature;
“I’d rather have a farmer in front of me,
than a frontal assault on me!”
- RawfoodLiberty

And never forget, “Humans, despite our artistic pretensions, our sophistication and many accomplishments, owe the fact of our existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.”

LMAO!! LB prepares to run outside

to play in the garden without gloves! I want the FULL pilo-erection experience! ;-)

(Seriously..I know what you mean..I feel nearly perfect when I connect with nature!)

"I think we are living in a world of lies: lies that don't even know they are lies, because they are the children and grandchildren of lies." ~ Chris Floyd

*Rolls on the Floor*


Great play on words

I think your idea needs to

be blended with this idea, then we could really get something going. Maybe, give it a name maybe call it "Freedom Through Local Control" or something.


"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

I am living up on the arctic

I am living up on the arctic circle and decided to farm my yard this summer. Starting off with a 60 sq meter field and trying all types of seeds to see what I can grow here. I figure I better start practicing when it is a hobby and not a life and death situation for my family. There are still a lot of home farmers up here so I am getting tons of help, the old-timers love the fact that a young guy is interested in their way of life. The older culture here is still fishing their waters and farming their land to provide a large percentage of their yearly food.

It has been the coldest spring any of the old-timers can ever remember so the crops are late. Just now the berries, carrots, radishes, lettuces, potatoes, and snap peas are starting go take off.

Step 1

Now a search for Step 2

We are building the model out now


#1 Whatever we come up with it must first "benefit" the member by participation
---Imagine if campaigning for RP you also increased your personal wealth

Solution: A networking, refferral, and entreprenuerial compenent is being woven in
---this will make it "sticky"

#2 We must hit people on multiple fronts using multiple media: Internet, Social-Networking, Books, DVDs, PDFs, Door-to-Door
---In each case #1 must be the selling point and not the philosophy

Argument: If you benefit people they will continue long after the campaign; whereas in the self-sacrificing models (voting and lobbying) only the fanatical few hang around

#3 A National and a Local Framework
---It's localism that crushes corporatism; however some entrepreneurial kick-start (#1) will be national in focus or at least regional
---Keeping these attack points clearly defined and available is key

There's far more too this but you get the idea here.

We are working on a massive campaign that first drives benefit to the participant.

From my historical observation this has never been attempted before and it is owing to 2005 (post Facebook, Youtube -- Social Media Revolution) -- just not possible in the past.

My work with Cops, 911 1st Responders, and Military is personal
---I had dear family members lives saved by these folks and I'm loyal to their idealism even when I disagree with individuals and policy

Cops rescue people from burning buildings, crushed automobiles, collapsed buildings more than they shoot them -- this is the big fact everyone forgets.

Nothing wrong hiding the individuals who screw up, but not in a collectivist fashion (1 bad cop = 900,000 bad cops).


non-cops save folks from burning buildings daily.

Volunteer FF's and "regular" people too!

The love fest should extend to those folks as well, IMO.

so is there a Part 2 to be found on the DP?

Obviously this is not a "love-fest"

A love-fest would be where I was offering this information as the conversation starter, rather than as a counter-argument to an emotional reaction and lack of understanding.

I never attacked "non-cops" so I don't need to include anyone else.

There are 900,000 cops most of whom do not interact with the public in a way that could lead to tazering or accident / intentional death.

My argument has been very consisten.

1 bad cop = 1 tried/fired cop


1 bad cop = 900,000 bad cops

The later is a collectivist mentality.

It's like saying Fed Gov't was behind 911, hahaha

Really? All 1.8M staffers who work for the Fed Gov't, all of them were behind it?

"well of course not"

Okay -- then who? "We don't know that's why we need an investigation"

Can a Corporatist Investigation into Corporatist False Flags lead to less gov't (has gov't investigations by gov't ever lead to less gov't in all human history?)?

What about if we dole out prison terms for Bush-Chenney (et al) -- would that lead to more big gov't or less?

The only solution is to stop seeking gov't devices/tools to eliminate gov't (no brainer)
---Which includes Voting and Lobbying
---->Less you think the ballot box is a free-market tool?