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Tracy, CA residents to pay for 911 calls!!!

$300 per call, or you may pay a voluntary annual fee of $48. I'm sure people will think twice now when they hear that murderous scream from next door. I know I'd just go the old fashioned route and program the separate department's phone numbers, but WTF!


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I live in Tracy

It is a small town outside the bay area. It was a small farming town and has turned into a commuters town for people to work in the bay area. This is also the town that has made free speech a unlawful act for solicitors and beggers,also added to the list is even asking for votes during election times. This is a town that is very unconstitutional, I for one can't wait to get away from this little nazi town where check points are common and the blind lemmings encourage it. Sad.

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Double Taxation


Of course you have to pay for 911 calls

The police is a socialized law enforcement agency which has a permanent monopoly position, no one should expect them to behave like a private business. Of course they're gonna raise prices, ration services and abandon nuisances like customer service. They're the Post Office Bureaucracy with Guns, Tasers and an addiction to adrenaline.

we`ve been

paying for it for years it`s on our phone bills in Texas, and also on our property tax bill.

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you got it right

Since the 911 telco fees often don't cover costs, local govt often picks up the difference.

The answering points and related head count are rarely scrutinized. Those answering the phones aren't typically overpaid, but their managers taking over 100K can't be logically supported.

you have reached 911 emergency services.

please press one for english.
while you are waiting, please make sure you have your drivers license and credit card handy.
your call is very important to us and will be answered in the order it was received.

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Isn't this what they pay taxes for??

That's what I've been

That's what I've been thinking.


Do you pay

for an ambulance when you summon one? I think you should have to pay the Fire Dept. and Police per incident as well. If you use the service you pay. If you don't... well you can save your money.

hehe ^^

I like that idea :p

Someone needs to start

a 911 Insurance company in Tracy Ca.

Great idea for a business.

Great idea for a business. Opportunity knocks!

And then have a Public Option

And then have a Public Option plan... hehe

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can create an entire new bureaucracy right on top of the current one.