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Students For Liberty defending freedom at CPAC

This occurred during a panel involving student leaders of the movement. Alexander from SFL does a very respectable thing here and makes a strong point and is then attacked by an anti-gay activist. SFL, YAL, and C4L students then proceeded to boo him off the stage. Classic.


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First off, Mccobin is a great

First off, Mccobin is a great speaker and defendeer of liberty. Well done, sir.

Secondly, Sorba, do you realize that in every species roughly 10% of the population is homozexual? Yes, it may be relatively uncommon, but it is natural nonetheless.

Can you post the link where

Can you post the link where you came across that 10% figure?

Ok, let's see...

Freedom is a natural right, and applies as long as the person is living in accordance with natural law..

In other words, gays don't have rights because their alleged behavior isn't procreative in nature.

Does that mean if I eat genetically modified foods I loose my rights? And if so, who has the authority to take them away?

This guy needs to understand that freedom is written into our being, and no one has the authority to take it away. The fact that someone is gay or not gay is completely irrelevant. But I guess his opinion is shared, but something is seriously wrong with it.

Many people believe as he does...

however, it's the way that he came across that turned a lot of people off. It was mainly because he was so hostile that he was booed off of the stage. I personally believe that homosexual acts violate the natural order of things, and are thus unnatural. I also believe that perversion is not liberty, and should not be mistaken as such. However, as I said earlier, it was his approach that ruffled some feathers. I believe that he would have been better received if he had mainly stated that marriage is between one man and one woman, and should remain that way, because this is what God intended. This is a true socially conservative position without any hostility. I really wish that we could avoid this topic because a lot of people do not agree and aren't going to change their views just because others want them to. I understand that both a gay rights group and National Organization for Marriage had representatives at CPAC.