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Something different, but Important none the less !!


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so much for aggregating

You embed other documentaries with the intent of making (as you claim) a "1 stop for everything" site, yet I cannot find any of your previous posts, which you've repeatedly announced here. The search bar on your site does nothing. I see no previous pages. Aggregating content means you aggregate, or hold on to it; not just delete it every time you find something new. To this end you are a "one page showcase", a structure I recommend you reconsider if you want a useful site.

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Thanks roots, that was a very

interesting and ultimately positive and hopeful examination of the huge problem of plastics.

It is great to see the amount of creativity individuals are bringing to the issue, and many of them finding ways to solve the problem and make jobs and good products.

Wow, there truly is no limit to human entrepreneurial potential when people are allowed the freedom to create. When governments just ban products, or mandate certain narrow specs, industry stagnates and new paradigms are never discovered.

I'm sending this link to my favorite environmentalist. I also think consuming locally, producing a lot of one's own food, etc., and consumer groups demanding nontoxic products is an important potential not covered in this video.