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Ron Paul 2012

Ron Paul 2012 run should be the focus of our efforts these day. I think we should start campaigning for this asap. I have some remarks that I would like to put out for discussion. I rarely write in these blogs although I've been a Ron Paul supporter and Daily Paul follower since day one.

Here are my remarks:

1) What is the biggest lesson that we learned from 2008 election?

For me, It was that Dr. Paul did much better in caucus contests. Luckily, the first event in Iowa is a caucus election. I think we should start working from now on Iowa and other caucus states. Remember, Obama won the elections relying on caucuses. Also, Dr. Paul one Jefferson county in Iowa. I guess, those folk in that county should start coordination with all Paul supporters in Iowa. The caucuses are more liberty oriented forms of elections since they give voters a chance to listen to the message.

2) I think, we should stop bashing the media and try to engage them just like what Dr. Paul does all the time. I never heard him criticizing the media. He was always positive about it and ultimately he is gonna win them over.

3) I understand were frustration about the media comes from. It will take them some time to realize the things that we learned from Dr. Paul. In the end, they can't go against the will of the people.

4) I felt very depressed after the 2008 primary. But I think Dr. Paul was the only real winner because he built on our enthusiasm and expanded his base and he outsmarted all the republican field.

5) Dr. Paul now has the name recognition. All he need is a win in Iowa.

6) A win in Iowa doesn't require 51% of the vote. All we need is 30% of a small state. I think we can do it.

I hope that we can discuss these points and spread them to help Dr. Paul run and superb campaign in 2012.

It is win-win for liberty.

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I hope

he runs again.