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CNN's Rick Sanchez questions Medina on 9/11

This wasn't exactly a pretty interview, which is why I didn't post it when I originally saw it...


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The Beckaholics took control

The Beckaholics took control of the comments on that piece. Deluded idiots. Now I know why Glenn Beck wrote a book "How To Argue With Idiots". He produces enough of them.

This here link

This here link http://rawstory.com/news/2007/CNN_hosts_shocked_when_Republi... kind of sums up Rick Sanchez, even though he has had Ron Paul on his show a couple of times since, Rick should give Medina a fair interview on his show.

I think right from the

I think right from the beginning, Sanchez did not like Medina, as Sanchez seems to have a strong dislike of anyone who has a strong anti-illegal immigration stance like Medina does. From watching enough of his past shows, I think its easy to see. So, my theory is, I think Sanchez found out about Medina's strong opposition to illegal immigration, and the controversy of her 9/11 comments, and decided, well, this person is on the opposite end of the spectrum from me when it comes to illegal immigration, and I'd love to have a chance to make someone like this drop in the polls, so I will get her on the show and try to make her look bad without being obvious that this was my plan from the get-go.
Also, notice that Sanchez uses the incorrect, PC term undocumented immigrants that many liberal democrats use(the technically correct and un-pc legal term is illegal alien, and no, that is not a derogatory term like the n-word as some would claim, the word alien is used in our law documents). A citizen can lose his wallet and become undocumented. Describing all people who are in this country illegally as "undocumented" is clearly deceitful, as most who are in the country illegally did not misplace or lose documents that made them legal here, they are in fact, illegal aliens. Undocumented does not equal illegal, its a ridiculous term to use because some laypeople who know little to nothing about the subject might not think an undocumented immigrant is actually here in the country illegally and think somehow being undocumented is something different from being here illegally.
It isn't hard to see why Sanchez does not like people like Debra Medina and Ron Paul, due to their opposition to illegal immigration, their insistence that laws against illegal immigration be enforced, and their desire for secure borders. And I'll side with Medina and Ron Paul on this issue any day, over the likes of Rick Sanchez(whom I no longer watch, and hope his ratings drop and he gets fired from his job, so that he can no longer try to make Ron Paul type candidates look bad).

On a side note, Medina is getting hammered in the comments section and needs some help there.