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The Absurdity of Constitutionalism (from a civilian perspective)

I agree 100% with RP on the Constitution when it comes to Congress, the President, and the Judicial.
----Meaning they swore and oath and should stick to it.

However "for us" (the civilians) it is ludicrous, on the order of belief in the toothfairy, to believe that "men" (let alone women) will keep their word if it benefits them (as individuals) to break it.

It's kindergarten/sunday school type thinking.

"Well 'they' gave their word, so now I will abdicate all my self-rule over to them, so that way they can give it back to me."

We would never go to a swap meet and pay someone for a product we couldn't take with us -- not even $10.

Why would we sign over our purchasing power to a system (forget individual politicians) that has proven 100% of the time to produce a predominance of snake-in-the-grass cut-throat leaders.

[Insert Einstein's Definition of Insanity and pass me a "yard sign"]

Corporatism uses the "ballot box" to destroy your purchasing power; all politicians who destroy said purchasing power get their power by-way of election and lobbying capital -- So! How can you eliminate corporatism using a corporatist system?

You can't eliminate free-market consumer-sovereignty by practicing free-market consumer-sovereignty -- you must get people to abdicate their free-will over to the snake oil salesmen and then you destroy that market. We know this last paragraph as FACT (it's simple logic).

Yet, when we approach the destruction of corporatism we look for corporatist tools to destroy it.

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I've read the Foundation

I've read the Foundation Trilogy twice. Pretty interesting!

Ventura 2012


I rarely post here but ive been a ron paul fan since 2007, your absolutly correct and way to damn smart to be spending your time on here posting, but thank you for the post haha

I think you are probably right

I read the book "The Shock Doctrine" by Naomi Klein it sent chills up my arm. People have a LONG way to go to understand what dangerous times we live and the power of the elite. It looks to me that we need a way to keep the corporations from expanding and gobbling up everything in site.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

We still have some power over

We still have some power over our elected representatives in the ballot box. That explains much of the pandering. If the people REALLY demanded Constitutionalism, they would get it. Wealth breeds apathy.

Octo, here is my latest articulation of anti-anarchist theory, with a little pro-Constitution/Voting argument at the end.

Ventura 2012

I know this is not a popular type of thread, but the obvious

needs to be pointed out from time to time.

All of this "other news" seems to be part of the problem -- If we were "free" would we listen to Alex Jones; hell no!

If we were free would we care about politics? Hell no!

Maybe we should just start to live "as if" we are free -- Let that be our movement.

Or we can be like the MSM and enumerate "the problems" and likewise provide no "real" solutions.
----Less you think we are freer now then we were in 2007?

I might be a few pages further in the book then some of you, but it's pretty simple logic.

Look at ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY; show me once where "voting and lobbying and talking/blogging" won a victory that resulted in lasting liberty?

Community-Economics (or Community-Based Free-Market Counter-Economics) is the "way" -- it gives us something to do.

#1 Eliminate all ties to Banks
#2 Eliminate all ties to Wall Street
#3 Homeschool your Children
#4 "Homegrown Revolution" (individual and community urban organic farming) -- do it without permission.
#5 Work under-the-table (as much as possible)
----At least get 1099 and be a tax-paying independent contractor.
----Start as many passive or side-business revenue streams as possible.
----Join a "Master Mind" group with that intent (create one yourself).
#6 Hire under-the-table (as much as possible)
#7 Work with local business to create a buying club to undermine the low prices of out-of-town businesses.
#8 Organize swap meet (under-ground trading)
#9 Use Farmer's Markets for (80% of your produce purchasing) -- If you don't have one locally or you live in a cold part of the country (than do the best you can).
#10 Exercise and Meditate Deeply and Often (lead by example)
#11 Talk to local American Indians about creating an under-ground trading currency
----Do not announce that you are doing this on DP or anywhere on the net (just do it).

There are others and each one deserves a 10 point drill-down, but you get the idea here.

Octobox... my thoughts exactly! I love this thread!

Great Ideas!

The constitution is inherent in a free market, leading one to assume it is the individual's responsibility to uphold the constitution as opposed to a collective. I agree with you because it is true. The best way to go about this is by starting from the center of the individual and working outward using permaculture and all of your ideas above. It is inevitable that with the proper education, freedom is closer for the individual than the collective makes it appear.

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

Permaculture: My new quote!

"It is inevitable that with the proper education, freedom is closer for the individual than the collective makes it appear." by Permaculture Circa 2010 Daily Paul Philosopher

Thank you for your kind words Octobox

that quote is 100% original, no intellectual property to keep you from sharing!

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.