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Bizarre? Now this is bizarre!

From yesterday's exchange between Ron Paul and Ben Bernanke:

Ron Paul: ...a lot of cash was passed through - and a lot of people suppose it was passed through the Federal Reserve - when there was a provisional government [in Iraq] after the 2003 invasion. That money was not appropriated by the Congress as required by law...

Ben Bernanke: Congressman, these specific allegations you've made are absolutely bizarre, and I have no knowledge of anything remotely like what you just described.

Let's ask Henry Waxman (July 2009)

Henry Waxman: In a 13 month period from May 2003 to June 2004, the Federal Reserve sent nearly $12 billion in cash, mainly in $100 bills from the United States to Iraq. To do that, the Federal Reserve Bank in New York had to pack 281 million individual bills ... onto wooden pallets to be shipped to Iraq. The cash weighed more than 363 tons and was loaded onto C-130 cargo planes to be flown into Baghdad...

Bizarre? Yes, I think something very bizarre is going on.

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good point

Congress didn't declare war - so realistically and morally how could they authorize funds for whatever subterfuge was going on.

(Naturally, I'm sure some lawyer could come up with the logistics of how this is someone's fault.

What was he calling bizarre, then?

It helps to explain what you are talking about...

re-read my post...

I misspoke....I think what he was calling bizzare was the cash for weapons and Watergate. The news of the money being flown into post Saddam Iraq is no big secret. Money makes Army's and Provisional Governments run. If you thought folks were doing this out of their own free will then where the heck have you been?

"Qui audet adipiscitur"

1972 Washington Post re: Watergate cash

This is what I found on the Watergate cash. The article is pretty long. I just copied to the part about the cash.

5 Held in Plot to Bug Democrats' Office Here

According to Democratic Party lore, this file cabinet, which is now used by the staff of the DNC Web site, is one of those the Watergate burglars broke into.

By Alfred E. Lewis
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, June 18, 1972; Page A01

Five men, one of whom said he is a former employee of the Central Intelligence Agency, were arrested at 2:30 a.m. yesterday in what authorities described as an elaborate plot to bug the offices of the Democratic National Committee here.

Three of the men were native-born Cubans and another was said to have trained Cuban exiles for guerrilla activity after the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion.

They were surprised at gunpoint by three plain-clothes officers of the metropolitan police department in a sixth floor office at the plush Watergate, 2600 Virginia Ave., NW, where the Democratic National Committee occupies the entire floor.

There was no immediate explanation as to why the five suspects would want to bug the Democratic National Committee offices or whether or not they were working for any other individuals or organizations.

A spokesman for the Democratic National Committee said records kept in those offices are "not of a sensitive variety" although there are "financial records and other such information."

Police said two ceiling panels in the office of Dorothy V. Bush, secretary of the Democratic Party, had been removed.

Her office is adjacent to the office of Democratic National Chairman Lawrence F. O'Brien. Presumably, it would have been possible to slide a bugging device through the panels in that office to a place above the ceiling panels in O'Brien's office.

All wearing rubber surgical gloves, the five suspects were captured inside a small office within the committee's headquarters suite.

Police said the men had with them at least two sophisticated devices capable of picking up and transmitting all talk, including telephone conversations. In addition, police found lock-picks and door jimmies, almost $2,300 in cash, most of it in $100 bills with the serial numbers in sequence.

"Nothing is as it appears; everything is smoke and mirrors"

This Is Why We Must.. "END THE FED"

13 Billion Dollars...Hey Ben, Maybe We Can Reserve A Seat For Next To Bernie Maddoff...


NY Times: "Follow the Money"

"Follow the Money"
By Martin Mayer
Published: January 14, 2004

"It has been exactly one month since President Bush announced the capture of Saddam Hussein. American officials interrogating Mr. Hussein are obviously interested in what he knows about illegal weapons programs in Iraq, human rights violations and other crimes. Whether he will cooperate remains to be seen.

But there is another line of questioning officials might pursue -- one that depends less on the cooperation of Mr. Hussein than on the assistance of the United States Federal Reserve Bank. Among Mr. Hussein's possessions when he was captured was three-quarters of a million dollars in United States currency in crisp new bills. Whence came the gentleman's stash?

Answering this question would help our understanding of terrorist financial networks. And if the cash is sequentially numbered, as is likely, then the question could be easily answered...

Unfortunately, the search for these witting or unwitting collaborators cannot even get started, because the Federal Reserve Board will not permit regional banks to reveal the identity of the purchasers of large blocks of United States currency. There is no law that prohibits such disclosure; it's simply a Fed policy. Yet in this age of payroll services and electronic payments, there are few legitimate uses outside the banking system for very large orders of hundred-dollar bills.

The Fed has always resisted placing American banks under obligation to reveal skulduggery, whether it involves drug smuggling, commercial fraud, terrorism or other international conspiracy. Banks are not, the Fed insists, law enforcement agencies. It may be that the F.B.I. has access to the Fed's records -- a spokesman for the Fed, after checking with the main office, would not say yea or nay -- but it is not clear that the F.B.I. has authority to continue such searches beyond American borders..."

Full article: http://www.nytimes.com/2004/01/14/opinion/follow-the-money.h...

Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

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Wow, great find!

Connecting the dots is what we have to do.

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

nice job Michael


the point is well taken--

Bernanke is completely without truth.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

thanks for posting this

It makes the fight against this criminal organization crystal clear.

Dr. Paul is sly as a fox

I feel that he is beginning to push these issues because he feels the timing is right.

With Washington such a mess - he just states a few soft words and sends them all in a panic.

Love his style!!

WOW, MICHAEL..... THIS BLOG is linked on Lew Rockwell.com

You should be SO PROUD!!!!


Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

I Remember

when the troops found those "safe" houses full of money on skids somewhere around Baghdad. There were a couple of those houses if I remember correctly.
I agree, the good doctor asked a very good question.

Here is a link to one of the articles

Big thanks to wafflehutguy

Big thanks to wafflehutguy below!! Nice combo!


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I can't find it. Link?---never mind, I found it. =0


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Just guessing, but wouldn't

Just guessing, but wouldn't it make sense from a military standpoint to have lots of cash on hand to bribe or hire people in a country about to go to war or at war? I think the military was likely behind the pallets of money to help grease the local wheels.

The money went into pockets of contractors

like KBR and DynCorp.

Contractor Fraud Unchecked in Iraq

Millions wasted in Iraq reconstruction aid

It didn't go to reconstruction or bribes, apparently, but corporate cronies.

Don't forget about

Don't forget about Blackwater!! aka America's Shadow Army

Excellent Find!

History shows it is a relatively fruitless endeavor to impact the spending mechanism [see my comment below]. More hope to eventually be fruitful in impacting the manufacturing mechanism, thanks to the leadership of Dr.Paul.

Maybe so...

but the military manufactures neither money, nor ammunition. Their endeavor is to spend these things. The video points out the point of origin of the money. This post juxtaposes Waxman's comments against Bernanke's self-proclaimed ignorance of that which Waxman is claiming[Ron Paul's bizarre allegations]. The point of the post is not about whether the military [or Fed] should/shouldn't engage in such activity. It is about Bernanke's bizarre claim of ignorance to such activity.

I've held my own bizarre notion for years...

That the Fed actually has no books, does no bookkeeping whatsoever, creates no records, and therefore keeps no records of any kind [and never has]. Much like the gold at Fort Knox, there is nothing to audit. Push your imagination to consider the Keynesian model in its extreme... fiat currency... the Fed's mission... why bother with bookkeeping? This notion seems less bizarre to me every day. o_o



...pretty simple really, and economical

Bernanke and his predecessors were appointed for their prowess not as accountants, but as businessmen. Bankers are businessmen, some small businessmen do their own accounting, some contract out. Big business often hires an accounting staff. If MY business were accountable to no one, it wouldn't be sensical for me to hire an accountant, an accounting firm, or even bother with doing it myself. It would actually be bad business(a pointless endeavor). Yes, the notion becomes less bizarre to me every day...

LOL. Dr. Paul totally set up Bernanke

nice job