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Rand Paul Makes Front Page News - What a Day!

Rand Paul recently spoke at a TEA Party in the small town of Bardstown KY. 95-120 people attended the event, and Rand got interviewed by FIVE media sources, including NBC which was following him and interviewing people to make a documentary about candidates and grassroots efforts in the TEA Party movement. Rand got a lengthy and surprisingly deep interview on the local radio station, and landed on the front page of the Kentucky Standard!


Although painting us as partisan may actually help in the primary, making that assumption because no one liked Obama is a stretch. There were several Democrats there and let me tell you, dislike of Obama is very bipartisan in KY.

The paper majorly lowballed the number of people there, but nonetheless I thought it was an overall great article. The event was thrown together and advertised in about 10 days, had great facilities (check out the giant Rand Paul sign projected on the wall!) had a better turnout than expected, and great enthusiasm behind it! Kudos to the people who worked so hard to make a success, and those who turned out to support Dr. Paul.

I could go on and on about what a great day it was... but I'll just state that it was one of the best days of my existence! What fun!

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