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Upcoming resolution by Kuchinich "End the War, Bring the Troops Home"

This was just announced by him in 1 minute speeches on the House floor. "Support it!" he asks. Good idea I say.

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Just need the bill number and to get the phone/fax/e-mail bombs going again. When was the last time we really used the power of this site to affect change in Washington?

What happened to the other bill that Kucinich sponsored to force a vote on declaring war in Afghanistan? That seemed to be a nice neutral bill to me. At least you could get the Republicans and Democrats who support the war on board and on the record by finally declaring the war and getting it appropriately funded. I can think of hundreds of arguments to convince them to vote on that.

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I wish RP would be the first to sign

on to this amendment as a cosponsor, unless some sneaky stuff is attached of course.


Here is the video. Thanks to Mox News for uploading it!

thanks for

thanks for posting!

-definitely looking forward to this: does anyone know what resolution number it will be? ie. HR-???

I'm sure Mox News will post

I'm sure Mox News will post the clip. Hopefully we can see it soon. If so, we better get as active about 1207 on this one! I'd love to see Ron Paul be the first cosponsor too!

Not gonna happen

Look at what has already happened so far. We told Iraq that they now have free elections. When they freely and willfully elected members of what we call militant groups to their government, we effectively told them, "No, you can't do that. You are 'free' to have 'free' elections, but we'll pick and filter your candidates for you." Then, when a new 'government' was established we told them, "Congratulations! You're a free democratic government now! What is your first order of business?" Iraq's response: "U.S., get your a**es out of our country!" to which the U.S. essentially responded, "Well, you're free to make 'almost' any decisions you like - just not that one." Iraq then said, "Okay - well we want you out. When can we expect you out? We demand a commitment date for you to be out! U.S. = OUT! That's what we want!" to which the U.S. responded, "Hmmmm.... we can potentially turn police/military operations over to you by 2011, but that doesn't mean we'll 'leave' per-se, so get used to seeing us because we'll be around for many years thereafter."

All of this is paraphrased, of course.

There are agendas that must and will be met, irrespective of what the Iraqi people, the Iraqi government, the American people and the American Congress want/say about it. The commander in chief was 'elected' (and I use that term loosely) in large part on his stern opposition to the wars and on his strong stance that we need to bring our troops home immediately. Not long after his 'election' he sent how many tens of thousands more troops? He's not going to listen to anyone with respect to ending the wars, bringing our troops home and giving the Iraqis their country back. In fact, the Iraqis will never completely have their country back without some degree of control, influence and meddling by the U.S.. Our military bases/posts there are permanent.


Yes, this is something everyone can get behind and support.

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I say

good, too. Here are a few Kucinich pro-peace videos:


The Truth About Afghanistan (It's a racket):

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On war/MIC/empire

Is where a guy like Kucinich is most in the corner of liberty, peace, prosperity lovers. Support him on this.


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