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IRS challenge

I remember there was a guy who was offering a large cash reward to anyone who could show him the law that says the IRS has the right to operate. No one has showed him the law yet (Hmm, what a surprise!!). Does anyone remember who the guy was, or what his website was? Thanks.

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taxes are layed upon

taxes are layed upon cooperations. So it would be an assumption to say we are not a corporations.... but is it so?? who is the us person? If the 14th amendment us person is a corporation, then that entity needs to pay taxes....but who owns that US person???? How does one become surety to the US person? is it voluntary, by pledge? some things to chew on.


That's what I was looking for. I've seen a few of them in the past, but couldn't find any. I'm messing with one of my good buddies. He is positive that the IRS has the right to operate the way they do, so I am showing this to him saying if hes so sure, why not earn a little cash on the side?? haha

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Class action lawsuit against the IRS

To show us the law.