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Wallbuilders ANNOUNCES "I will be joining Glenn Beck"

...on the American Revival Tour...

And so I blogged off!

"If it were not for David Barton's Wallbuilder's ministry, I would not have invested so much time, money and mental energy into building a very small collection of early 19th Century authentic pieces of history for my own self-study and potentially public instruction if a demand arises in my own back yard.

One thing David Barton sadly has in common with other ineffective pro-family and pro-life political action committees, is a huge bank account and a lack of results in terms of so positively impacting our sitting government in such a tangible way that we could see that their spending efforts are paying off.

Too many political action committees exist only to prey upon unsuspecting conservatives, and reap the benefits by building associations with powerful government officials, and filling their coffers with hundreds of thousands of dollars that they use to pay themselves healthy salaries, as they speak to lawmakers, church groups, and public crowds against abortion, homosexuality, and divorce; but nothing has changed; the culture has only gotten worse and more anti-Christian and sexually promiscuous in my lifetime.

It has become a distraction, a public circus, a source of fill-time for media outlets that have nothing but bad news to deliver to the American people; and ultimately an advancement of ground on the part of those who employ a divide and conquer strategy...

This is David Barton's opportunity on the national stage to set the record straight; on behalf of our founders and the great Christian philosophers that directly influenced them to promote and prefer Liberty for all, and limited government.

Essentially, through David Barton's presentation of our founding era and early years, our founders will be speaking to us from the grave!

I just hope David has the guts to say to our sitting politicians and current candidates that if you are not going to honor God with your legislative actions and public policy positions, then LEAVE GOVERNMENT voluntarily and give someone else a shot at it; otherwise we will force you out of office in public shame!"

The WHOLE Blog can be read here...

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Could be blow back

Beck is a Mormon not a Christian. Any Christian worth his/her salt will see right through this.
Barton is the beast that whore rides in the book of Revalations

Christians need to be reminded

God usually works with individuals, not movements. In the movements that God works with, he works with individuals.

For example, God walked with adam, eve, noah, abraham, david,solomon, then when he came to earth he litterally walked with, mathew, mark, luke, John, peter, and even a judas.

Christians need to focus less on being part of a movement, and more on being in a right relationship and walk with God. Just saying.

Good Call!!!

Definitely the right perspective!

Ive noticed that queen beck

Has been playing fewer and fewer commercials on KLIF radio please keep up the pressure on his sponcors its working.

How gullible are Americans...

... another pro life pro war shyster peddling religion and bilking millions out of their money... chri$tianity in the US is commercial activity... they should tax churches and a surcharge on the clergy...

Plano TX

Sorry to toot my own horn...JUST ADDED

...this profound point during a final edit...

"If David Barton becomes today's Gary Bauer or Ralph Reed, in becoming INSTRUMENTAL in delivering an emotionally charged Christian voting block to the GOP again in a mere pendulum swing from the left back to the right; we're going to regret it.

Most public & private school educated church-going folk still lack a proper grasp of the self-sacrificial courage exemplified by our founders; the demand upon them to sacrifice their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to RISK severing their ties in signing the Declaration of Independence which was their death warrant, and challenging the direct authority over them held by their parent government at that time, far exceeds anything most Americans realize; let alone have been willing to contribute today."

The problem with David Barton

is he doesn't lead people to critically think for themselves when they decide to vote on something, he leads them to follow in his own image. And he thinks that following the founding fathers means legislating morality and his standards. NOT! What he is opening the door for is religious discrimination and the one world religion mentality. The worse society gets the more people are tempted to jump on his puritan bandwagon rather than thinking for themselves.

I appreciate some of the information he has provided but not the direction he is going with it.


The lip of truth shall be established forever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment...Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are His delight. Prov 12:19,22

Hopefully I am leading...

...people to search out and READ actual historical documents for themselves...and discern what type of morality and self-restraint was present and preferred during our founding era...

Yes, I am biased that the Creator exists; and that He is GOOD...not some cosmic killjoy...and if we can all agree that that is indeed His character as Creator of ALL MEN, then we should be willing to boldly and publicly uphold His moral standard first upon ourselves, and then upon our elected officials...

Imagine what kind of FORCE it is going to take to get these criminals and usurpers out of office...with so many electronic voting machines in place, and corrupt political parties still hand-picking polished candidates and issues for us...we're going to need some Divine intervention!

The Divine helped the IMPERFECT founders accomplish the impossible...and there was just as MUCH disagreement present then about slavery, as there is today about abortion...eventually they all agreed LIBERTY must triumph...so, let's get on with it!

cosmic killjoy....nice :)

I am going to use that sometime.


for discussion, a lot to think and consider thanks.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."