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Never Too Early to Learn About Gov't Processes

DISCLAIMER: I have not personally visited this site myself yet other than to glance at it (awaiting word of my academy's registration). But it looks like an excellent tool for training students young and old in the mechanics of participating in government.

NOTE: Elected officials are invited to participate with YLI -- this would be a great method for liberty legislators to connect with young people! Members of the community at large are also welcomed to participate, which also means that liberty candidates and activists can take advantage of this opportunity to connect with those wishing to get involved in government.

This site was brought to my attention by the Classical education academy my kids attend.

Throughout the nation's history, political leaders have looked to our young people as a source of inspiration for the continued success and health of our nation. That is why the Center for Politics, a nonpartisan unit of the University of Virginia, created the national Youth Leadership Initiative.

The Youth Leadership Initiative (YLI) provides civic education classroom resources to teachers absolutely FREE OF CHARGE. There is no catch.

YLI is a national civic education program designed to involve students in the American electoral and policymaking process. To achieve this goal, YLI offers technology-based civic education resources that foster long-term civic engagement.

Consider visiting the YLI website at www.youthleadership.net. Through this website, students may participate in mock elections, a mock congress, and campaign simulations, and teachers may download civics and government lesson plans.

**If you are not a teacher or are not affiliated with a registered school, ask a local school to register with the site so access can be obtained that way. See this for more details: http://www.youthleadership.net/faq/index.jsp;jsessionid=0C28...

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Any teachers? Homeschoolers?

This is a great idea, fan.

Might spark the interest of a future Ron Paul.

; >

Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!