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Online news poll showed Medina in first

I just took an online poll on a texas news website khou.com. It asked "Who is your choice for governor of Texas?" and at the time showed:

Kay Bailey Hutchison 4% (5)
Debra Medina 57% (69)
Rick Perry 23% (28)

It may not be a busy poll, but it's still encouraging and gives me serious doubts about the polls published as Medina in 3rd. Kay seems terribly unpopular. Even Bill White was showing at 12%.

I also found a great article on Medina with a great picture of her:


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Polls are taken by likely

Polls are taken by likely voters who voted in the Republican Primary. The great news is a record number of new voters have voted in early voting compared to 2006 Governor's primary, up 172% in the largest 15 counties of the first 3 days of early voting.

I predict Medina will win this outright and send Perry packing!

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I am already shopping for a moving company

If Medina gets Texas I am packing up my entire family and moving there. I am serious.


Somehow, I trust the smaller, more local polls more than the data from the Big Boys. Go Medina!



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