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With Medina in runoff, who would Hutchison support?

Suppose the droves of new voters who are turning out for the Texas GOP primary turn out to be Medina supporters and she, not Kay Bailey Hutchison, makes it into a runoff with Gov. Rick Perry. Would Senator Hutchison

a. Remain neutral till after the runoff election?

b. Endorse the governor on behalf of the behind-the-scenes power-brokers?

c. Stick it to Perry by endorsing Medina?

d. Immediately endorse Democrat Bill White?

Serious campaign analysts ask these types of questions and try to position their candidate to take advantage of developments. You can bet the Perry campaign is thinking along these lines considering both possible outcomes: "What can we do to pick up Medina voters if Hutchison tops Medina and vice-versa?"

What should Debra do to pick up Hutchison voters if she tops Hutchison Mar. 2?

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Medina for the win

No run off.

Victory on the first vote.

Dedbra Medina 56%

I want to be WAY wrong on this:


New Hampshire and Ecuador.

I think she'd be

I think she'd be mute.

Where's the medina vote total thread?

My personal belief is that

My personal belief is that Hutchinson would support Perry. I believe that she would support the Democrat before she would support Debra Medina.

I say this because I DO believe in conspiracies. Perry and Hutchinson are fighting for the nomination, but they are playing on the same team. The Democrat nominee will, also. They all want to be governor, but it will be business as usual with any of them in the governor's office.

Debra Medina is not about to play ball with the globalists, special interests, and dictators in Washington. This is why it is vital for people who want to dethrone the jackals who are feeding off of us, to support Debra Medina.

I agree with you

I think she will endorse Perry, although she acted all friendly to Medina during the debates because she didn't think Medina was a threat to her and she thought Medina could bash Perry and help her.

I soooo hope Medina is in the runoff and if she is, to get Hutchi's votes I think she needs to stay steady as a rock and keep speaking Ron Paulisms. I don't think she will have a problem getting Hutchison's voters.

i think KBH would without a

i think KBH would without a doubt endorse Perry, but there is always a chance she could do the right thing!

she would probably

endorse perry, but her supporters hate perry and wont acknowledge her endorsement for him.

It's Bill White

and she will probably slink off to D.C. without endorsing anyone.

"the only thing that keeps the banking system from failing is general ignorance about how the banking system works."


Thanks. Correcting. (Damned memory ;-)

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

If it does come to that point

I seriously dought she would support Perry.It would really make her look like a hypocrite with all the mudd she has slung at him. Now Hutch will support support the Repub candidate over the Dem candidate.


.... but it would be hypocritical as it contradicts her campaign ads. But then the GOP is full of hypocrites.

Plano TX

She would probably endorse Perry.

It's like when the Clintons meet the Bushes and they all hug and chit-chat. These people are all friends if they are part of the same club. Perry and Hutchison seem to be part of the same club. But who knows, maybe her conscience will spark and she will endorse Medina? Crazier things have happened.

She'll give Perry a delayed

She'll give Perry a delayed mild endorsement. No way she endorses Medina or, later, the Democrat.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

If they are both NWO-approved,

they will kiss and make up in less than a week. Personally I'd rather that theory were false but I've got my suspicions...

New Hampshire and Ecuador.



"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

My guess too


New Hampshire and Ecuador.