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Put On Your Bikinis: Global Warming Rocks The North East!

Take the extremely harsh, cold winter weather we're having, and add to that an exaggerated UN climate report, a scandalous information breach at East Anglia's climate research center, and the revealing flap over Superfreakonomics... and what you have is a cooling of public opinion over global warming. (Did you like that pun? There's more where that came from....


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I'm from the Northeast (NE-Central PA). Actually it wasn't too bad of a winter until we got that 13-inch snow storm a week or so ago. Now we're in the middle of another. It started yesterday and is supposed to continue throughout tomorrow...I am soooo ready for spring!
I sit around with a sleeveless blouse, a short-sleeved t-shirt, a long-sleeved shirt, a sweater, and a housecoat on and am still cold....
I loved your pun!

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that was pretty funny. Thanks, for sharing. I don't know how they got all those young ladies out there in the cold and that one on the snow board, brrr. Heck, if I don't have on long underwear I'm freezing.

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glad you enjoyed it, the

glad you enjoyed it, the irony of the 1984 style propaganda arguments being wasted while real issues are ignore is amazing and that article makes fun of it so well...

I really hope that my country

I really hope that my country is now winter because here in singapore is like a mild drought.