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Ron Paul on CNN

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This show will be on again tomorrow night

So we can watch it then.

The Paul/Cafferty interview was longer than this clip

I watched the interview as it aired around 7:30 EST and it was actually longer than this. Can't say why CNN would post this partial clip. Anyway Jack Cafferty was polite and respectful. He asked about the CPAC straw poll and told Paul he hoped he'd run in 2012!

I sent an email asking them to post the full clip.
"Your video clip "Paul on Broken Government" leaves out a large portion of the Jack Cafferty Interview with Ron Paul as it originally aired. Would you please post the entire video?"

Here are some addresses. http://www.cnn.com/feedback/cnntv/
(I used the "Did you notice an error on CNN TV?" link. Not necessarily best choice?)


I must say,

I'd gladly trade that image quality for less loading time and more interview!

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I have no clue what CNN did...Chopped it

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he spoke for 36 seconds

I then was interrupted by a commercial, which upon concluding returned me to another program. WTF?!

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less than 2 min??

I hope this is just a snippet of the actual interview.

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That's our guy!

Why did they cut off the video, he was still talking.

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That was good

and Cafferty is one of the best guys at CNN, but why did CNN cut the video so early?


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