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Ridley Report: Judge: Constitution "not relevant" update w/ part 3

Remember the "Judge wigs out" story where a New Hampshire-bound activist takes on a New Jersey court?
Well here is the next hearing in that traffic case, as he continues his measured defiance... and continues to audio tape the proceedings.

9:07 minutes

Judge: Constitution "not relevant" - 2/3
11:03 minutes

Judge: Constitution "not relevant" - 3/3
5:46 minutes

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very nice

not sure why more people on the dp dont seem to care.

so how many laws did the judge knowingly break?

how many did he unknowingly break.

And what is worse?

The Judge is a Petty Tyrant

Clearly he does not have confidence in his own position, and relies heavily on the power his office to compensate.

A wise judge would not have been so threatened.

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Thank you

Thank you for posting this. I kept checking his You Tube Channel, and got frustrated that part 2 had not been put up yet. If you had not updated this, I probably would have forgotten all about it.

Go Daily Paul!

is the other parts up yet?


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part 2

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part 3

is the other parts up yet?




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