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Stand up to tyranny

I was doing a little research looking at political smear ads of the past to help in preparing for what lies ahead if Dr. Paul chooses to run again. After reviewing the blatant lies and slander that Dr. Paul has had to put up with over the years is heartbreaking. The smears that have been placed on him are without any foundation of truth and very evil. This is an honest man that loves his country and people...he carries the Founding Fathers spirit with him. I am so grateful for the work he has done to wake up people and to realize that this is not the United States that it once was and hasn't been for a very long time. America was once something much better and a country that liberty and freedom was unlike any other.

He is America's best hope in uniting this nation and to guide the government back towards living within the Constitution as you know he would not sign any bill into law that was unconstitutional or would he use the executive branch beyond what it is enumerated. It would be a wonderful thing to see this man become the President of the United States.

However, as much as I would love to see Ron Paul become the next President of the U.S., I do not think the people can cast enough votes in this country to get him elected and we have reached a point in the U.S. that the votes cast do not determine who is elected. Those who are in control of this nation will not allow that to happen. This makes me feel sick to my stomach.

Regardless, we must continue to awaken the American people and gain greater support of Ron Paul and the Revolution as it will shed more light on who is in control when the masses cast their vote for Ron Paul in the election and another puppet is placed in the presidency. It will become very obvious that people no longer have control. If voting and protest have no impact on the government, then We the People must determine what is our next move to restore the republic and the Constitution which it must live within.

Are we coming to a crossroads as this youtube suggests?

I pray that those who are currently in control get scared and submit to the people's will to restore the United States to the constitutional republic it once was.

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I can't remember where I saw it, but Ron Paul

was asked how he could stand to be in the debates and treated badly? His answer was that it didn't really bother him---and then he wondered why it didn't!
I think he is so focused on straightening this country out, that he will continue to keep the news media wondering if he will run--just to get the word out.
I am so in awe of him, and of his wife, Carol.

He will be 77 in 2012 and 81 at the end of his term.

Ronald Reagan was 74 when elected for his second term.
One was 68, all the rest were under 66.

Maybe if we get our act together we can tell Ron, "Hey thanks so much for the wake up call and your great example, we got it covered. Go spend some time with the love of you life!

In the meantime:

Free includes debt-free!