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British Tea Party?

Member of European Parliament hosts first ever Tea Party protest against taxation in U.K.

(Daniel Hannan ... Who else!) on Cavuto.


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Is there a Daily Paul equivalent... *edit*

in the UK? Daniel Hannan could probably use some help to spread his videos, interviews, and news about upcoming events.

Operation "Jumpstart the British Tea Party"

Ohhh...the Irony!!

Ohhh...the Irony!!

Drinking tea is good for you!

Certainly eliminating the non-productive bits of the economy (ie. government) can double the prosperity when added to tax cuts.

Free includes debt-free!

It is spreading...the message

It is spreading...the message of Liberty...of truth is like a flame being lit in a dark room...everything begins to show...the elite cannot extinguish the once dormant flame now that it is lit.

The vampire elite are cringing because of the growing light and are trying to find a way to extinguish it. You know they say the end of the age will be by fire...is it literal or by the flame of truth burning those vampires(elite who suck our lives) into dust? I like the metaphorical side of it more than the literal.

Who is John Galt? Vote ███ ███ 2012!

That is funny

The British with a Tea Party!!!