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Rick Perry's attack on Rep. Todd Smith - Sex or Politics? -Independent Texans

Dear Members & Friends:

Apparently, some 18,721 Texans (16.7%) who voted in the Republican primary during early voting this last 10 days voted in the 2008 Democratic primary.

Least we be filled with all kinds of nonsense from pundits about what this really means, here's an independent view. At least 18,721 Texans get it...Texas has an open primary system. Moreover, just because these 18,721 Texans voted in the Democratic primary in 2008 doesn't mean they were Democrats nor are they now Republicans. These clever Texans shop the ballot -- they're independents! And, they're out to Boot Perry!

ALSO State Rep. Todd Smith (R-Euless), chair of the House Elections Committee has apparently invoked the eyre of the Perry-Perry machinery. (That's Rick Perry and homebuilder Bob Perry who ARE related -- they're both crooks, as well as David Weekley and others in the real estate/homebuilder/toll road lobby.) Smith's opponent, a guy named Cason, has been running around the district talking dirty trash about Smith's supposed stand on sex offenders.

According to Will Lutz of the Lone Star Report the attacks on Smith are happening because Smith had the audacity to question the Texas Residential Construction Commission. Remember how Rick put the TRCC under Bob Perry's thumb to stop citizen complaints from getting anywhere? (Read about the Perrys' dirty tricks on Smith here)

Are you sick yet? We can use your help with phone calls the next three days! Just reply to this message if you can help and give us your phone number. We'll call you right away.

Thanks so very much to all of you who have helped with money and time for the get-out-the-vote calls for Debra Medina!

And, of course, get out and vote on Tuesday if you haven't yet done so and bring your fellow Texans with you.

BootPerry.org -- pass this site on please! This entire message is posted on here.

Independently yours,

Linda Curtis
Independent Texans
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