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Trans-Texas Corridor under wraps till after election?

On Feb. 2 I met a young civil engineer from Spain on a flight from Houston to Newark. He said he was working on a project in Texas. I wish I had asked him what company he worked for and what the project was. There's only one I can think of that would need civil engineers from Spain, the "completely dead" Trans-Texas Corridor. The contract had been awarded to a Spanish company.

A TexDOT official admitted the project was alive recently but the media have not seemed interested in expanding the story or pushing it to the fore. Is investigative journalism today restricted solely to sex scandals? Could Media elites have ordered the story off limits?

I think incumbent Governor Rick Perry would go down in flames if Texans suspected the huge project to connect Mexico and Canada was just being kept under wraps till after the election.

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They need to wrap it up

And send it bck to where it came from..
They got planes to do that kind of shipping.
Not to mention thec NEW high speed train they want to place where it is not needed.High speed, to me would, mean coast to coast placement..

Innovative Connectivity in Texas

Among the advisory committees’ recommendations already presented to TxDOT were the unanimous proposals to reduce new corridor width and to eliminate the TTC name.

The Trans-Texas Corridor name has taken on unintended meaning that can obscure the facts. The Texas Department of Transportation has decided to put the name to rest.


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Speeds on new Texas 130 South TR major $-issue

Posted speed limits are a major financial issue in the terms of the toll concession for Texas State Highway 130 Segments 5 and 6 (TX130-S for South). The fine print of the concession agreement now available on the TxDOT website shows that posted speed limits are seen as a key to attracting large volumes of traffic from free-competitor I-35.


Tom DeWeese spoke on this at the Freedom 21 Conference.

I have the dvd's from that conference. I knew quite a bit about the NAFTA hiway, but didn't know about the underhanded plan to lower speed limits on adjacent highways to cause people to use the Superhighways!
There is no end to the underhanded tactics used by the enemies of our national and state sovereignty!

Now it is called

Innovative Connectivity in Texas. What they do is make it look like they are improving the roads around city hubs and when they have those complete, they connect them in segments. They approach the entire project in segments so that it doesn't look like one 'corridor' is being constructed. Segmentation to hide the truth.

Perry keeps saying the Trans

Perry keeps saying the Trans Texas Corridor(part of the Nafta Superhighway which would go from Mexico to Canada, which many feel is part of the North American Union agenda) is dead. Most of us know(or at least suspect) that he's not being honest about it. Even senator Hutchison called Perry on it, and said it is not dead even though Perry says it is, which I give her credit for. And Medina has been saying all along its not dead either, and don't be fooled when Perry says its dead.
They can keep changing the name of it to try to fool people, and unfortuantely I think Perry has too many people fooled when he keeps telling people its dead(too many people believe things politicians say, without adequately researching what they say to verify if what they say is accurate or not).

FBI - State Police and Fusion Centers - Same thing

One giant US Criminal plus other events database.

Incremental buildup.

There are new interfaces being implemented via federal grants between all police and fbi and doj - including all court and police systems (interpol too). All the computer interfaces are standardized so that all one person has to do is flip a switch at the fbi and everything becomes one giant computer network.

It captures things like every vaccine - every address change - every emergency room visit - every traffic stop or ticket, every court proceeding. It is the standardization of the interfaces that allows them to search by name and dob to hit every event you are tied to in the master system.

Control freaks


New Hampshire and Ecuador.

The TTC received a blow and 'died' again

when an irrigation district, using a process called "coordination" killed it. Federal and State governments are mandated to "coordinate' with local entities, with the local having a large say in the outcome. The Stewards of Liberty organization helped the irrigation district stop the TTC.
I think that TexDot is now trying to do this on a smaller scale, taking less land, saying it is just existing Texas highways, etc. I think you are right that it is being kept under wraps for awhile.
These "global" projects always meet with resistance, so they change the name (this time the name has changed at least 4 times)
Perry and TexDot and the globalists will certainly not give up, IMO.