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How did you meet Ron Paul?

Well, the question has been asked here before, I sure, but for the sake of all our new subscribers and guests I think it would be nice to hear from everyone about their

"Truman Show" experience....

(for those that don't know what I mean see here)


"Matrix" experience

(for those that don't know what I mean see here)

I don't have a glamorous story. It was more of an epiphany.

My wall paper in my bedroom as a child was colonial soldiers. There were pictures on my wall of the Spirit of 76. The drum and fife , the flag on the battle field..

My brother had wall paper of the frigates of sea. I remember a model ship "The USS Constitution"

I remember the movie projector and screen in our family room and the guests at the house. They were watching a reel to reel production from the John Birch Society.

We were in deep as kids.

Later in life...

My Father who was involved with the JBS for years had always handed me "The New American" magazine when ever I was at his house. He would always point out Ron Paul for years but I did not think much of it.

He would always try and teach me about gold and silver and saving real money.

He loved to point out how the republicans and dems were on the same team working for the establishment

I was not ready...my time had not come...

When the elections rolled around in 2000 and I was all for Bush because he was a Republican I always looked at Dad in amazement when he laughed at me and went on to tell me about Harry Browne...How preposterous I thought. A guy like Harry Browne ever having a chance to win...why waste your vote...

Then fast forward to 2004 after 9/11..I was so convinced there were still WMD's and believed Bush. I was caught up with the "don't throw your vote away" mentality. Deep down I started to sense something was not right. I walked the party line anyway. I was suspecting I have been played.

Dad always taught me about being "Right" so I thought I was doing my duty.

When he told me he was having a tough time between the candidates I thought he was talking about Bush or Kerry.
I said surely your not considering Kerry?

He said no...He was a having a tough time between Michael Badnarik and Michael Peroutka.

I just didn't understand.

Until 2007...There were no WMD's. Government was getting bigger. The wars were on going. The Patriot act was in full swing. Something was really wrong...

I was stressed about this and went over to Dads house.

He said "Get in here...hurry...I want you to see this!"

He sat me down with another brother of mine and suddenly we were watching the debates. They introduced the cast and I vividly remember the camera on Ron Paul at the very second I sat down when he said...

"I am Ron Paul, a Congressman from Texas, serving in my tenth term, I am the champion of the Constitution."

from that point forward my life had changed forever...

Love you Dad!

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Rally for the Republic

That's the first time I got to meet him personally. I was stationed backstage to assist people coming in and take them to their rooms. It was really neat, the C4L car pulled in and Ron got out and the driver/camera dude got out. I walked up and greeted/welcomed him to Minneapolis and shook his hand and took him to his room. I thought omg, the media going to come piling out as his car was right next to the media pool area. But nope, it was a tad early and we got to stroll a bit and chat. What a truly neat guy he is. Very determined, very principled man indeed.

Ron Paul's message of personal freedom and liberty are just as clear on youtube as they are talking to him face to face.

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

In Alvin Tx

around 1972.

in very late 07/early 08

I was very apathetic about the whole election thing. I have always had a very strong libertarian/anarcho-capitalist mindset, but I got swept up into neoconservatism after 9/11.

As the years went on, my dad started introducing me to various oddities about 9/11, and I eventually became curious about it. He also started mentioning to me that there was a libertarian guy running for president and I kept blowing him off.

One day, as I was chilling in my dorm room at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN, I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and was greeted by a trio of Ron Paul supporters who were inviting people to the rally at Northrup Auditorium on the night before Super Tuesday, and I decided to go, just for fun. By the time Dr. Paul finished his speech, I was literally crying tears of joy because I finally had found a group of people who I truly identified with at my very core, something I had never before experienced.

Dr. Paul's closing line of the night, though I can't remember exactly what he said, really struck home. It was something to the effect of, "I don't want your money, I don't care who you are, and I don't want to control your life!" From that moment, I was hooked, and I woke up from my long slumber. I became an alternate delegate and I made it all the way to the state GOP convention, where I sat front row center for Dr. Paul's speech, and I got to shake his hand and get my copy of The Revolution signed.

I was also at the R4R, in the standing room right up at the stage, and I got to high-five Aimee Allen and I got to shake Dr. Paul's hand again.

Being awake has certainly not been easy, but I never want to go back to sleep again. Viva la r3VOLution!

Where ? How?

I was reading an old 1997-98 Free American magazine written by Clay Douglas and he spoke highly of Ron Paul and said he was a man of integrity. I still have a few of these magazines (printed like a newspaper at the time)
I met Dr Paul in Houston Texas at the Republican Convention the first time amd the second time was
in Dallas at a fundraiser for Rand's Kentucky campaign.

I prefer a dangerous freedom over a peaceful slavery. Thomas Jefferson

This needs to be posted on top. Ron Paul: A New Hope!

"I am Ron Paul, a Congressman from Texas, serving in my tenth term, I am the champion of the Constitution."

2008 Debates Introduced me to Ron Paul

After being raised a neo-con w/ Rush Limbaugh on the radio on the way to baseball practice... I voted in my first two elections for George W Bush. Then I read a book by John Stossell (Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity) This book opened me up to the libertarian philosophy and I started to see things from a contrarian perspective.

Then, I watched the debates in 2008. I was amazed to hear the truth and common sense come out of a Republican. It was an awsome experience. I have been hooked ever since and I'm so thankful at this opportunity to see our society from a higher level.

The Red Coats are coming!

Welcome to the fold

The truth shall set us free.

I was introduced to Ron Paul

I was introduced to Ron Paul from my Grandfather in 1987. I then voted for him in 88'.

“Defiance of God’s Law will eventually bring havoc to a society.” - Dr. Ron Paul

I'm from Baltimore, Maryland

I'm from Baltimore, Maryland so that automatically makes me a Democrat by birth. I always believed, sadly, like so many still do, that things were blue and red and everything else didn't matter--man was I wrong!

After Bush stole the election and finally when September 11th hit, I became a "conspiracy theorist" literally overnight which obviously led me to Alex Jones....

But it wasn't just Alex Jones that led me to Ron Paul either! It was also the fact that I was confused about everything. I mean, all my beliefs were conflicting around 2000-01. I knew in my heart that I wasn't a Michael Moore Liberal even though I enjoyed his attacks on Bush, but I also knew that I didn't like the Military Industrial Complex "Conservatives." It was Socialism on one side and Fascism on the other, I was in dire need of Ron Paul at the time and didn't even know it.

It really all pieced together nicely for me right after September 11th. I stumbled on a little quiz (http://www.theadvocates.org/quizp/index.html) and discovered something about my political beliefs and then Alex Jones eventually led me to Dr. Paul. It was an amazing time in so many ways and I'll always remember it.

When my grand kids ask me, "Were you shocked by September 11th?" I'll tell them this story. I'll tell them that the whole thing made me grow into a better person because I discovered myself... it made me into a TRUE American....

Way Back

My dad was a member of the JBS (not at first, my mom had to keep leaving information by the toilet so he would read it) I trick I find myself doing when I want someone to read something, I leave it in the bathroom and it will get read. My dad would get the Ron Paul Report in the mail and write to Ron Paul. He would even send him JBS stuff. He and I voted for him as a Libartarian when he was running for President. I was so excited when he was running in 07. I went to see him in NH during the primary, he was speaking at the Country Inn in Bedford NH. I walked in after his speech and gave him a big hug and told him that I loved him. Because I do love him.

SteveMT's picture

I was so frustrated by the worthless major candidates...

running for president that I started searching for someone who was even close to what I believed.

I started with:

1. who was Prolife
2. for balanced budgets
3. no more wars of conquest that never end
4. who had a track record of consistency and honesty

I was ecstatic when I came across Ron Paul. I could not believe that such a person existed like Ron Paul. He stood out so far from the rest that I am still shocked that he isn't president...yet. He is by far the best person ever to be elected to Congress.

The rest is history.

over time

I was raised conservative, but I noticed no politician who claimed to be ever was very conservative, mostly just lip service. I knew something was wrong with America I just couldn't quite place it. I had read Howard Zinn's History of America in my youth and happened across the "Money Masters" video more recently, both of which left me more than a little disillusioned with what our country has been and what it had become. Despite that I still held out hope that surely somewhere there were people and candidates out there who still believed in what America could be. I just didn't know where to look. I was blinded by the candidates and propaganda the MSM continually pushed.

Around late 2007 I was driving to the airport and drove under a curious "R3voLution" banner up on the overpass followed by several "Google Ron Paul" signs. So I looked up what this was all about and was fascinated by this Paul character and the movement he had started. I didn't quite know what to make of his views but he seemed honest, straightforward and made a ton of sense. He sounded like he truly believed in America and wasn't afraid to give it the hard medicine it needed.

Still I struggled with many of his positions and found it difficult to defend him in front of friends and family because of those things. So I began to seriously listen, read and understand what his positions were and the reasoning behind them. I began to wake up and the scales were falling from my eyes. Time after time I was bewildered by the realization that he was actually right. I couldn't deny it! To my knowledge I don't believe there is anything left that I disagree with him on anymore. Unfortunately the republican primary was already decided before I could vote for Paul in 2008, but I knew exactly where I could write my president's name when November came around.
I wrote in RON PAUL as big and as bold as I could possibly fit on the line.

Though statistically meaningless I had never felt so satisfied by a vote than I did that day. Everyday since has been a resounding affirmation that I had made the right choice. Even those who had previously derided me confessed regret for their decision and wished they had voted for him too.

His message is resonating more and more across the nation and even around the world. Keep getting the word out! Keep fighting! I thank all of you early supporters for your courageous activism and for alerting me to the fact that patriots like Ron Paul still do exist and that there are people out there who still believe in this American experiment. People who are willing to give their time, honor, talents, treasure and lives towards championing the constitution and the cause of liberty! I am forever grateful.

I moved to the US in 2005,

I moved to the US in 2005, even though I was here for the 2004 election and watched it on TV with my husband-to-be, a Democrat.
My real experience in US politics was about to come in 2008.
Started off saying, "Hey Darling, there is a black guy running for president"
My husband is African-American, so I thought it was worth mentioning, but he only said "So what?"
Hillary was his choice and I said okay, let's go.
During the primaries I was way more into that stuff than him and turned out to become a PUMA.
If anyone remembers.
The nomination was stolen, many caucuses were rigged and nobody seemed to care.
Obama was clearly a bully and later I found out about the Natural Born Citizen clause in the constitution.
So he was not only a Chicago-Style politician, but also inelegible.
Thanks a lot!
Oh ya, back to Ron Paul, I saw him first during the election on TV.
He was making so much sense, even to my Democrat husband, that I sure noticed him positively.
Who is that guy?
But I came to the DP only after the election.
After I dropped the birther issue, because the truth sunk in.
Truth is, that this country is deeply corrupt even to the level of SCOTUS, and that it is a shame.
DP is the place to turn after You realize that, many like minded people here.

Dodging the Trap.

Fresh out of high school, the 2008 candidates were just starting to kick into gear, I was all for HOPE and CHANGE, a naive little pipsqueak, falling into the old pig trap where the food is all too conveniently placed in front me. Well thank the Lord I was skeptical in regards to the all too convenient food, or I would have been trapped and eaten like all to many victims of society. Being young and searching for truth, I quickly discovered Ron Paul after a schoolmate of mine said "Dude, Obama's not "it", google Ron Paul". Thus I became a changed man, and in more ways then simply politics. It turns out that when you search for truth in one area, its hard to disregard others. Thank the Lord.

Know your stuff, learn real history and economics @LibertyClassroom.com

The moment

was watching the you-tube video of Dr Paul's appearance at Google headquarters. Real answers and principles for all to see. Pandering and teleprompter free. A shocking, reality altering revelation.

Never politically active at all before, joined the local meet-up and ordered gear and slim-jims that same day. Campaigned in the streets within a week.

I Googled Ron Paul...

Well, let me backtrack a bit. I spent a good two years reading about the American Revolution and "met" my patriot ancestors through genealogical research. I did a lot of daydreaming and wishing I had been born about 230 years ago...

I don't even know how I knew the name, but it's true, I Googled Ron Paul's name. I found his official website, and this site also. I was impressed with his single devotion to a simple message: keep government small, keep it out of our private lives, follow the Constitution. Before I discovered Ron Paul, I was not politically involved at all; indeed, I was far too jaded and cynical to bother with politics.

I finally met Ron Paul last month in Baltimore at Loyola University. My two daughters (ages 9 and 12) both got autographs. What a wonderful evening. I hope my girls remember it.

Operation Defuse: Getting to Know Big Brother and the Fusion Centers

Malo periculosam libertatem quam quietam servitutem. ("I prefer the tumult of liberty to the quiet of servitude"). Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, 30 January 1787.

Didn't know a thing about Ron Paul...

until the first "money bomb". I had become a "tax protester" after 911. I never believed the "official story;" but, even if it were true, a lot of heads should have rolled and Bush didn't fire anybody. Bush's Patriot Act and phoney war against Iraq were the last straws. However, I didn't know we had a champion until the "money bomb". Then, I watched Dr. Paul's staff throw it all away in Iowa and, especially, New Hampshire. I consider the liberty candidates and another Ron Paul presidential campaign the final alternatives to a Jeffersonian revolution.
If those fail, by accident or design, don't step in the "Gandhi" that follows.

And therein lies the secret.

There is nothing more exciting and paradigm busting as when a human being makes a 'discovery' about something they were seemingly neglecting inside their own self all along.

A 'light bulb' goes off and suddenly for that moment the words that person just spoke was NOT cognitively dissonant as all the others.

Its like a cube piece fitting into a cube hole. Satisfying! Why? Because it matched and resonated with my own truth that was already living inside me.

When a person listens to that wee small voice inside finally, its marvelous at how it will co-relate with another human being who is dedicating their time, life, and efforts in getting pertinent, truthful, information out to the masses and sees that this person is willing to sacrifice their all, even running for president in order to get their message out, who ya gonna believe? Wouldn't you want to research their voting record? Uh Huh.

I discovered Ron Paul in the late fall of 2001 in a film made by Michael Ruppert called, 'Truth and Lies of 9/11'.

Michael just happened to be at Dr.Paul's D.C. office as they were handing out the 'Patriot Act' at past 10pm and expecting the reps to vote on this over 1,000 page subjugation scam the next morning first thing.

It was this matter of fact elder who stated for the record, when asked how he would vote for this bill, Dr.Paul answered very succinctly, he could never support such a bill since just reading the first page alone is an indication this is a police state bill and is unconstitutional.

At that timing I was a Dennis Kucinich Democrat but not a 'party' member. I was getting memos from MoveOn.org and Michael Moore. That ended somewhere in late 2006 when I started to piece things together.

I felt I had discovered hidden gold and was rather shocked that Ron Paul was a 'Republican' since I associated everything Nazi with Republicans at the time and became exceedingly curious who he was, how he voted, how long was he in congress, who is this guy! His answer confounded my prejudices regarding Republicans and began to realize there is a story here. There were many shades of gray after that and learned to listen carefully to every single word these elected people spoke.

But then again, on that tragic day in Sept 2001, I already listened to myself when that wee small voice told me this could only be an inside job in order to orchestrate such a venal crime.

I will do all I can to always listen to myself first and foremost and then look for affirmation later.

Dexter, what a great story and lots and lots of love and hugs to your parents!

Ron Paul pulled me out of my mother's belly and smacked my ass

Ron Paul pulled me out of my mother's belly and smacked my ass on September 16th 1975 in Lake Jackson, Texas a few days before leaving to Washington for his first term as a US Congress.

Isn't THAT a story for you grandchildren, huh!

Very special indeed.

Congratulations to be

Congratulations to be delivered by our hero =)

Good story, well written..

I first met RP when I was running for state rep in Georgia as a Libertarian in 99. He met with us for about an hour and a half on his layover in Atlanta on a Friday, going home to the district. I remember thinking, this guy is devoted to the cause of liberty...I imagined every other US congressman flying first class, drinking shots and laughing and here was this guy just doing it for all the right reasons. He's as solid as they come.

One of my first memorable introductions to Ron Paul was......

back in, I believe 1988. He was a guest on the Morton Downey, Jr. television show. I remember Morton Downey being confrontational toward Dr. Paul. However, Dr. Paul kept his cool and became the victor, the more logical one in the conversation/debate. The true agitator was Downey,Jr. and the one who rose to the occasion and who, till this day, I hold in the highest esteem is Ron Paul.

Nice story, dexterzyd.

I guess I didn't actually meet Ron till his '88 campaign for President. (If I met him earlier it would have to have been as a convention speaker but I'm not sure when, where, or if that might have happened.)

I had known of him years earlier of course, primarily for his remarkable voting record in Congress.

I made a trip up to Dixville Notch, NH that year to campaign for Ron, hoping to shake loose a vote or two, but no luck.

(I spent the next four years prepping the voters of that tiny community and, with the help of several others, was able to capture a plurality of first-in-the-nation votes for Libertarian Andre Marrou, Ron's VP running mate from 1988. The lesson I took from that experience was that liberty really does sell if you campaign with intensity. Having the necessary funds is vital though.)

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Yes, funds are crucial

Ron Paul really figured that out last election too. His fund raising was eye opening.

Thanks for sharing

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

South Carolina Debate

I was watching so I could laugh at the dregs of humanity the Republic Party was going to dangle in front of us.

Then Ron Paul spoke.
I was like: "Who the hell is this guy? - where has he been all this time?"
And then i checked his record, and sure enough he was always there just quietly tucked away from the American people.(& the world)

I immediately realized that this man needed to be supported,
I have been following him every day since

The Time I Saw Him Speak in Person

Was late last century or very early this one, at the Libertarian Party of California convention.

I'm afraid that he didn't stand out very much, because he was saying all the things all our speakers say, and talking about the stuff I learned in Econ 101 from my Milton Friedman textbook in 1973.

I remember him because he was somebody who believed in freedom and understands how it works, and he was actually an elected official. This was why he came to speak to us, to get support for his Congressional campaign. I don't think I donated then, but when he ran for president, you can bet I was onboard. I not only maxed out, but walked precincts and breifly switched my voter registration.

I don't remember how I first heard he was running, but I'm sure it was news all over the libertarian activist world (despite public ignorance, we are quite a lively and numerous group). I wish I could say I voted for him in 1988, but I did not even know he was running. I didn't know there was a Libertarian Party, either.

I love the Internet, and I'm glad the guys who run it love freedom (Michael Nystrom, et. al.)

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

The Debt Clock

After my by beautiful wife and I were married we looked at our finances closer, thinking about house, our first daughter, etc.

We quickly found that I had about 22k in credit card debt with hardly anything to show for it; a single guy living care free and being a money moron.

Well, we both worked and lived well below our means and in a little more than 2.5 years we paid it off. It cost us 30k to pay that off. It was a painful process, a struggle, however as a couple we were stronger. Shortly before paying it off we were blessed with our second child.

It was not more than four months after we wrote the last checks, with colorful comments, that a friend asked me about the national debt. Did I know how much it was and how much we all owed?

He showed me a site on line that tracked the national debt. It showed the running total and the amount that every man woman and child owed on the national debt. The amount that every man woman and CHILD owes was like a punch in the stomach. This was when it was just at 9 trillion, still W’s first term.

The amount was 30k. Each of my children owed 30k. This was not just some number to me. My wife and I spent 2.5 years living well below our means paying off 30k debt. I know all too well what 30k in debt means in real terms as I had just lived it.

Someone in the Wash DC felt they had the authority to put each of my children in debt? To say I become angry when my breath returned is an understatement, to a magnitude of 5.

I was awakened to the fact that government is immoral and criminal. This was the event that started my search and found a movie “Wake Up or WACO”. This was an AJ movie, I started to listen to his radio show when I could. On AJs show I heard the good doctor.

It was debt clock web site that caused me to wake up.

In liberty,

Liberty = Responsibility

Having just been given a job in the early-mid 1980's.........

........I got sick, but was broke. Went to see my doctor, but there was another doctor covering for him. This doctor started discussing politics, and believed in personal responsibility and shrinking government. When I told him I was just starting a new job and could he please prescribe the cheapest meds he could so I could pay for them, the doctor told the nurse no charge on my case. I thanked him and promised to pay him as soon as I got a paycheck (which I did). Ya'll know who that doctor was. Said it before and will always say it with feeling, God Bless that man! Until meeting Dr. Paul I always thought it was just me who saw the failings of our country. If we could just get the rest of the country to allow Dr. Paul to prescribe the medicine we need to cure the ills of government.


How cool! You are so fortunate to have that experience...

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.