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AJ/Medina/9.11? Carpe Diem!

With recognition that this may be totally ignored, I offer it up as a mere suggestion:

A whole lot of energy sure is being poured into all these myriad posts re: AJ and Medina and 9.11.

Can't help but wonder how much further ahead John Dennis would be, or Rand Paul, or Jake Towne, or any of the liberty candidates, were the same energies redirected in those arenas.

If you want to support Medina, devote time and energy into contacting voters in her area.

If you don't want to support Medina, you could redirect energies into doing something to help the other liberty candidates you do support.

Love him or hate him, AJ himself is not up for election right now. As someone outside of this whole 9.11 debate, I offer a suggestion to bury AJ or vindicate AJ at a later date.

At the moment, there are bigger fish to fry. FWIW, the time we have right now is better spent on forwarding those we wish to support and succeed in quickly upcoming elections.

Or, ya know, not.

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bump for wisdom

bump for wisdom

Bump for a refocus of our

Bump for a refocus of our efforts!

Dude, the elections are

Dude, the elections are rigged. No real candidate will ever win an election in this country until the whole system is dismantled and all the traitors are kicked out- until then, I don't want to hear about who we should vote for, because the voting's rigged.

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Luckily for you

...you are absolutely free to ignore any post on DP, including this topic. Gotta love liberty! :)

Please note, nowhere in the OP does it say for whom to vote, nor that one even should vote.

Why I agree that many of the

While I agree that many of the larger elections are rigged, let's not forget Governor Jesse Ventura who surprised everyone when he won.

5 stars

Thank you so much!

now let's get those Texas phone books in our local libraries and start calling and having fun!

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Absolutely fanofwalt. Priorities must

be kept intact.


I have to agree, even though I have fallen into this trap. 99% of us are on the same side, and basically want the same thing. We must keep our eyes on the target, and I will make a better effort to do so.

I will post more on this later.