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I have a question, smartie pants

I've heard a lot of ranting and raving about abolishing the Fed, IRS, etc.

At face it seems that there is a mob of people chanting the elimination of such agencies without much thinking..

For instance..

The Constitution of the United States of America states that, in a nutshell, we own our labor because we own our bodies..

Labor is equal compensation for the agreed upon amount of payment tendered for the said labor. It's barter, how can you tax a barter system (its equal exchange)? We own our own labor in this Country.

The IRS (which was not created by congress and is in fact the tax collecting arm of the IMF(a foreign private corporation), i believe they are now in about 270 countries) has been forcing American's to pay taxes. But in reality we know that we shouldn't be paying income taxes or any taxes on our labor..

Therefore, one can conclude that the IRS is stealing from the American people through either private contractual means which supersedes the Constitution of the United States of America or are using fraud.. or perhaps both. Now, I see a movement to destroy the IRS and have them removed.. however, why would we want to abolish an entity that owes us so much money..?

People are following others instead of leading themselves. Become an independent thinker and stop just marching along with the mob regardless of its public agenda.


Here is some more food for thought..

-We know that FRNs are actually monetized debt notes..
-We know, in general, that once we perform our end of a contract the other party must tender payment..
-But instead they give us a piece of paper known as a check, have us sign it(what exactly are we signing? What is a check?), and bring it to the bank where they will tender payment..
-However in the Constitution of the United States of America it says that only Gold and Silver is defined as "money"..
-So we go to the bank and they "cash" our check only to give us DEBT notes, therefore, we never technically received a tendered payment..
-Therefore.. how is the IRS asking us for money if we were never paid to begin with???
-As a matter of fact.. being that the IRS is an agency of the IMF and is allow to settle imbalances either way (both positive and negative) isn't it safe to say the IRS is our best friend because they will be able to finally tender payment??
-Most of the time they run away and you never hear from them again.. once you know the gig.. its all a facade to scare you into submission.. submission..

You submit. I'm not.

Come on people, wake up. This is all a facade..
You are kidding yourself if you think all of this stuff is spontaneous.. the true History of the united States of America and even the colonies is so interesting that it alone can open up the Educational Conspiracy against America.. It's just a shame that we are all cracked up on Alex Jones's shows, Ron Paul speeches (I still like Ron Paul), What Glen Beck said, Rand Paul's War issue, SpiderMan, and Oprah. Look inside, not out, for the answers you seek. You are not going to get them there..

I'm tempted to just leave the DailyPaul because it makes me sick to my stomach to see my fellow man act and react without asking THEMSELVES questions while at the same time not having any idea of who they are..

Here is another hint when it comes to the 'STRAWMAN'.. go to the GAO Style Manual(CorpUS[corporation] own damn book!!) and look up what it says about CAPITALIZATION..

..unless your all too lazy, or hypnotized, to do that too

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Historically minded means staying up to date, too.

Being up to date is difficult, when we are surrounded by an Internet that offers everything.

The Daily Paul is one filter. I visited or followed links to other sites, where they seem bent on bashing their arch rivals.

President Tweedle Dee and former President Tweedle Dum, both their parties since 1972 have reliably increased the difference between rich and poor. http://itsnotrealmoney.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/Shadow...

The main stream medias offer no solutions only propaganda or propositions with and agenda. No matter which party wins the government grows. Is there a better way?

Free includes debt-free!

It's really simple, at least for me.

I don't pay.

Why would I give away a bunch of my time to feed non-productive employees of the United States Federal Government. So they can spend their time raping, pillaging, murdering and torturing other human beings ?

So there you have it, my simple answer to a complex question. A very nicely worded posting, btw.

Are you people intellectually myopic, or what? Texas is burning!

This is an interesting post, but if you and the others commenting here fancy yourselves to be true Liberty advocates and not just an intellectual pretenders, then I say to you that you are all fiddling while Texas burns with the most IMPORTANT election for the future of America in our history! Do you support Liberty or self aggrandizement and intellectual masturbation???

With the election going down tomorrow and with all of its powerful implications for Ron Paul in 2012, playing around with ideas now on your keyboard that have little, IMMEDIATE, practical signifance is an activity that boggles my mind. Are you Patriots or Patsies?

Everyone here should be commenting on the Debra Medina posts and better yet taking action to call potential voters in Texas. Do you really support Ron Paul? Do you support Adam Kokesh? He has a virtual phone bank, right? So....what the hell are you doing sitting here? Sorry, gotta get back to the phone....but I can just do so much....some help would be appreciated.


Where is the evidence that the IRS works for the IMF? Thanks in advance.


The constitution is meaningless unless it is enforced. The constitution will not be enforced unless the people in charge of enforcing it believe in it. Seeing as how the vast majority of the people controlling the government have absolutely no concern for the constitution, any clauses about how it defines money are essentially null and void.

You sound like you are living in a fantasy world, whereas we are trying to speak upon real-world solutions to real-world problems. The revenue service which you mentioned takes people's money, and unless it is abolished, it will continue to do so.

Concocting crazy arguments trying to prove any other point is a meaningless exercise in intellectual masturbation. Its just like all of those people who came up with those complex legal arguments about why they didn't have to pay taxes, and then in the end, it turned out that none of that mattered, because they will take your money or put you in jail.

You might think that they owe us money, and that is a quaint idea, but they don't see it that way. Seeing as how they have the ability to throw us in jail for not continuing to give up more money, nothing that you said could possibly have a positive effect on our lives.

I would recommend that if you are going to post such incoherent ramblings, you at least take a more humble attitude about what you are doing.

Interesting post but somewhat confusing.

The part about the IRS owing us money so it shouldn't be abolished.

As if we are ever going to see that money agan anyway.

Ron Paul said that the minute you agree on even a 1% tax on income, you have crossed the threshold of the principle that says YOU own what you earn.

Instead, now you agree that your GOVERNMENT owns ALL the fruits of our labor and IT decides just how MUCH you get to keep.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

The only reason that our barter system....

is taxed is because the FED claims ownership of the "thing", the bill of transfer, that we use as a third party exchange in common. If the government regulated the "bills of exchange" they'd be common property of the society consenting and untaxable.

In essence someone else (FED) owns the "money" and they charge us (through interest paid by the gov. for it's (money) issuance fee) interest based on how much of their property we hold. They don't tax nothing, but they always tax even the smallest something. If we abandon the FED's "money", they can't charge any more - but of course that's against the "law" ain't it?! Or is it?

Assert Your Authority

I have a feeling,

that, in a post-FED world, they'd still find a way to tax currencies.

Defend Liberty!

You may be right...

buy in a post-FED world I suspect we might have some competition between currencies as well. That would hold in check any inordinate taxation on money if you had the choice of your community bank all the way up to a national one. Of course that could only happen if none of the banks got any protectionist monopoly via federal government legislation.

Assert Your Authority

It's the purchasing power that matters

and your ratio of income and what it will buy. I don't care what they call the bills or notes or where they come form, it's the fact that they control the flow and reduce your bartering power with inflation and taxes. If we had a real barter system and storage of wealth was only gold and silver and essential commodities, then we would be in control. There must be a way to barter on a national or international scale and it happens to be mostly through fiat currency which is controlled by the globalists. We need to take that power back and put the screws to anyone who manipulates it again for their own gain, like they did in 1913 and took our freedom for the third time with a central bank in the US.

would this be what we already have

An exchange rate ?

I think the answer is always

I think the answer is always "Freedom"

but the next question is "when is violence necessary to protect freedom?"

answer me that FreeManonLand

Violent Groups require Violent-Intelligent Leaders to Lead the

normal people.

These Revolutionary Leaders are hyper-vigilent and never know how to lay-down their poewr (afterwards).

Patriot Violence can never be a "movement" -- it will fall victim to "democracy," "feudalism," or "fascism" in the end.

People are quick to give up on a Peace Movement (usually for sexual or monetary reasons); therefore Peace Movements (non-participation and localism) are the far far better choice. Peace Movements require Peace-Intelligent Leaders; who are usually very humble or quick to be a matyr, in both instances they give up their "authority" and defer to the indivdiuals in the temorary collective -- like Ron Paul ;-)

Violence is justified only on the individual self-defense level.

Hate is a such a strong word where its use isn't justified.

However, I will respect your opinions.

Yes, the population is lazy but mostly stupid. This has been done over the course of many generations and in today's 'modern day' we can look around and see our youth plundering there minds and bodies. Cough* Jersey Shore Cough* Cough*

I am superior, in Law. Not because I was born that way but because I've put the work into study and essentially teaching myself whatever I needed to know to solve whatever problem that presented itself to me.

Don't get me wrong, I love the people here. As a matter of fact, I love my fellow man so much that I get frustrated watching my fellow man poison their bodies, their minds, all while thinking its good for them. If I didn't care then I would not be frustrated because it wouldn't bother me. Watching others squander their lives, in their ignorance of the Law, is a burden that I bare willing to help my fellow man achieve their individual greatness.

That's all for now, Gods peace to you.

I reserve the right to govern myself.

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ok, no link man

assuming this (from here) is what you're talking about, and that I have an eye for what to look for, I have found nothing suspicious or suggestive included or excluded: Sections 3.19 and 3.20 would disaffirm your implication that United should be united, though section 3.57 may reaffirm it; the statement of vessels was not significant. What piece of evidence lies here?

I prefer concrete proof (like this) as a more useful example, though still neither seem a clear admittance. I understand a sect of this perspective declares it impossible for those aware and involved to admit it, but remain (surprise!) undecided on veracity.

(...Oh, I didn't see your name involved the word man; not trying to make fun, I jovially make up names if I've a point)

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

I won't provide a link.. because giving you the information is..

not going to help you or anyone else who tries to take something they do not understand and apply it, they will loose every time and end up in a much worse position..

However, the purpose of this post was to at least take some more or less commonly known facts and present them in such a manner than utilizes more common sense instead of intricate thinking.

However, I am happy that at least you attempt to seek out the root of things.. doing so well most always leave your better than when your started. I'm sure you can agree that if we simply provide the answers to the test then the material within the confines would have been useless as the primary motivation for such a test is a high grade and not necessarily the materials presented. Perhaps now you can see my point of view a slightly clearer fashion.

I reserve the right to govern myself.

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The test analogy doesn't apply because this is a practical, where grades mean squat. The operative of a practical is "can you do it?" And in those cases it greatly helps to explain as clearly as possible what demonstration is sought; you can too provide links. (So sayeth the spider)

When I first heard it, I was surprised that the fed & irs might have a beneficial purpose, as it is not at all obvious, even with significant digging.

No matter the inclinations, the biggest problem will ever be proof for the majority.

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

Excellent!! Lets do this..

Isn't the fundamental truth that proof and faith are ultimately polar opposites to one another..

Faith, while having perceived negative condemnations, is actually the basis of life. Let me explain..

If everyone knew because they had proof about the existence of God then very very few people would live outside the realm of our creator. However, faith is important because it allows freewill (which I believe to be the foundation for everything in our reality, the freewill to make our own decisions no matter what the circumstances may call for). I will not claim that I am a master of any sorts, I've just have taken the time to study the law and continue to do so with faith. In my studies I've stumbled upon these remedies based in the foundation of the Law, foundational law and the Bible. It literally is impossible to "tell" someone proof of the thing because in order to even be able to comprehend the proof one must understand the thing that the remedy claims to interact with ex: Social Security Card. If someone doesn't even know what the Social Security number is how are they even supposed to comprehend the remedies for that particular topic..

I can explain these remedies all day long, but the foundations are needed to actually understand these remedies are not present, so what use is it to prove these remedies to a point of understanding when the only way is to actually teach people the Law by providing the education that people are not willing to do on their own because all they want to do is look at the bottom line.. and if they do not understand the essence of foundational law and its remedies how in the world are they actually supposed to make any use out of it? They can't. They will just get themselves in trouble.

How am I proving this? The only reality I have is the one I create, therefore, do I even need to prove it if it is already true to me?

Today I have signed, notarized, and filed the Land Patent for the land in my domain with the County Clerk. I am now a LandOwner/Elector. In sixty days the tax collector and I are going to have a little sit down.. I know this stuff is legit because I am living it..

So I put my faith in the law, and moving forward my faith is always strengthen by what I have learned and what I am currently applying from that knowledge.. you can lead a camel to water but you can't force him to drink..

Many ask me to prove myself.. hell why don't they go prove me wrong and see what other interesting things they may learn along the way..

I reserve the right to govern myself.

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If that is how you wish to treat your neighbor

go ahead, see if the system designed to deceive them will.

I don't see how faith → free will. I see ∃ free will. But that is neither t\here.

I hear you say "Why teach them what they do not want to learn?" I would instead ask "Why is this not what they want to learn?" and approach by stepping backwards thusly.

"Do I even need to prove [reality I create] if it is already true to me?" is ontologically flawed since you believe in fundamental truth; it must be universally accepted. This is why I ask.

But I didn't ask about remedies, though they can be enticing incentives while stepping back.

Regarding proof of a creator, which you think would cause people to better follow better rules, you never did answer my question.

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

This thread

Makes me think of this:

Simon's Cat

That is EXACTLY how I feel!

That is EXACTLY how I feel!

I reserve the right to govern myself.

go ahead and leave.. half of

go ahead and leave.. half of what you say is true.. half is wild conjecture and BS.. just my opinion.

“Defiance of God’s Law will eventually bring havoc to a society.” - Dr. Ron Paul

Well I'm def not going to

Well I'm def not going to lash out for your opinions.. but at least your opening up your mind to the possibility that I am correct.. For that I commend you..

I reserve the right to govern myself.

I'm too lazy

But I agree with you.
By the way; do you know when the IMF was founded ?

Not off the top of my head, but def on or before 44'

Not off the top of my head, but def on or before 44'

I reserve the right to govern myself.


I thought maybe when America got the income tax or 1913.
What year did the TITANIC sink & lose all those wealthy Americans ?

The titanic was sunk because

The titanic was sunk because there were many patriots on board the ship that were against the federal reserve.. they whole ship was taken out..

The Captain was a well known and high ranking secret society member..

So is James Cameron..

I reserve the right to govern myself.

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James Cameron "high ranking"?

And made Pocahontas 3000? He can't be that high up.

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?