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New Documentary "War on Kids" Reveals Great Insights into the Many Failings of American Public Education

The content of the film illustrates quite well just how ugly the American public education system has become. Current administrative policies operating in public schools are grossly dysfunctional. Zero tolerance policy, watchdog cameras, metal detectors, and psychiatric drug therapy are discussed at length and seen for the abominations that they are.Well sourced statistical data is provided that demonstrates how these things are completely ineffective.

Though being argued as coming from a pure intention, these devices have quite obviously done little else but disenfranchise our nation’s youth of their liberties and discouraged them from becoming independent learners. A society’s methods for educating its children speaks volumes about the future of our nation. An analysis of the inner workings of our education system reveals great insights concerning the present state of psychological and sociocultural health enjoyed by our nation’s peoples.

The future of our nation and indeed the world is equivalent to the lives and experiences of each successive generation of beings. After viewing this movie, it has become quite clear that the course we are on is long overdue for a change and that society at large is on a clear-cut course of self-destruction.

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Here is a must read if you're

Here is a must read if you're daring enough to discover; "The Underground History of American Education," entire book online.

Many people insist that billions of tax dollars be spent each year on schooling for our children. The amount is never enough: wherever there are bad schools, more money is needed. John Taylor Gatto has written over four books challenging the assumption that schools benefit children. In this, his largest, Gatto traces the history of modern schooling back to its roots. His findings will forever change the way you look at modern schools. —Campaign For Liberty

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"Socialism needs two legs on which to stand; a right and a left. While appearing to be in complete opposition to one another,they both march in the same direction." - Paul Proctor

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Schools are an Easy Target

To begin:

There is no natural human right of a public education.
Congress has zero authority to manage state education.

The Federal Department of Education should be abolished. All education legislation created at the Federal level is political grandstanding that harms education.

States under their 10th Amendment right wrote into their constitutions that they would provide the socialized service of public education to their youth.

State resident have the right to amend this concept out of their state constitutions. State constitutions are very amendable compared to their federal counterpart.

If you do not agree with Public Education – move to abolish it at the state level.

I believe public school systems are answerable to their COMMUNITY. They have school boards and millage rates determined by voters.

A public school district REFLECTS its COMMUNITY. A public school district is only as GOOD as the COMMUNITY that directs it. A good school requires dedication and commitment from residents and families who CARE about their community and its CULTURE.

I am 25. I have taught Social Studies in DETROIT PUBLIC SCHOOLS, a working class school in Madison Hts. the wealthy community of West Bloomfield and now teach Alternative Education (drop outs, teenage mothers, addicts, on probation etc.) in St. Clair Shores.

It is easy to single out the great public school districts and point out all the wonderful successes and advantages of state education. It is also easy to attack weak school districts and expose their horrible flaws and use them as a reflection of all public education.

I’ve seen the spectrum. Really, DETROIT PUBLIC SCHOOLS… Drug searches are necessary, metal detectors are necessary; gangs bring violence and crime into the building. I had 4 of my 7th grades held up at gunpoint in the school by kids who didn’t have the arm strength to hold the gun up. I had some women come into the building and beat up two girls that egged their house. This with two security guards and a national guard drill sergeant as principle. I’ve seen students not get milk, fruit, veggies with their “free lunch” for over a week, because of the districts corrupt administration.

I live in a town that is 7 ½ square miles with 2 school districts. The difference between the two is night and day. One, an example of a fine clean school with the most modern technology in the classrooms and the other is bankrupt and in turmoil. The key difference is community INVOLVMENT, ATTITUDE and EXPECTATIONS.

This trailer points out that kids HATE going to school. OF COURSE THEY DO! They always have! At school, independent American children are forced to study subjects they don’t care about and mingle with people they do not want to socialize with instead of watching TV, shopping at the mall, playing sports, smoking weed, reading, masturbating or playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. A community must demand teachers that are able to work with students who, understandably, hate being forced to attend school.

If someone is upset with the public school system in their district say it. Mobilize the community to create the district they want. Schools are very responsive to the community. Replace school board members & change millage rates. At the very most – amend your state constitution and end public schooling.

Don’t want to do that? Move to another city. You can escape bad public schooling. Go to a district with low education taxes and then send your children to a private school or home school them (Both great opportunities).

For more perspective, volunteer in an inner city school – if you have an answer to these problems let me know. I spend a lot of time contemplating this subject and still have no solutions beyond COMMUNITIES taking CONTROL of their schools.



(Good PBS Doc. on this subject)

To conclude:

Public education is an easy target, there are much better campaigns worthy of a Rage Against the Machine soundtrack: The Fed, CIA, FBI, NSA, the American Empire, the Iraq/Afghan Wars, Corporate Influence of Congress, Violations of Human Rights etc.

Interesting. I just finished

Interesting. I just finished reading "Education Free and Compulsory" by Murray Rothbard. I highly recommend it as a overview of the history of compulsory and "free" education- which of course it's not.

Closing down the department of Education would be a great start for reform. If there is to be any at all, public education should indeed be local, at the state and community level.

However, I'm opposed to the coercive public school arrangement-period. I would like to have my money back to spend as I see fit on my children's education. If I want to home school, send my kids to a religious school or create my own alternative curriculum (such as traveling with the kids), I would like to retain my educational dollars to do that. The public school paradigm is inherently wasteful and inefficient. I may choose to send my kids to private school etc.. but part of my money is being taken from me to subsidize the public school system. That is not as much of a choice as your comments would imply.

Frankly, the educational industrial complex is far too entrenched to suffer much reform, I'm deeply cynical of that notion. The mythology surrounding public education is as strong or stronger as many issues that are discussed daily on this site. The tentacles of the vested interests in public education are deep and many- unions, elected officials and the University establishment just to name precious few.

Public education is not an easy target unfortunately,but it should be. It is held sacrosanct by the public, much like our militarism posing as patriotism. It should be near the top of our list because it is where most Americans received their indoctrination to the States bountiful goodness and wisdom...;-(. Dismantling the public education apparatus should be a much higher priority than it is.

Bottom line: If you want true reform in the public educational system, allow for unfettered competition from other sources of education. That will only happen when citizens money is not forcibly taken from them to feed the machine. Even the modest competition that charter schools provide, has had a substantial reformatory effect on many districts. If nothing else the anecdotal evidence provided by the Public educational establishments revulsion at charter schools, is enough to warrant that consideration.


great insights here, thank you for replying to this thread. I will be viewing a bbc documentary soon called "summerhill" about a 90 year old democratic school in England, the authorities tried to shut it down at one point and the kids ended up taking over the royal court and won their case and the school stayed open. Haven't seen it yet but it sounds very interesting. This particular bbc documentary hasn't aired in America.

Society's notion of public education is a deeply entrenched one that seems hard to break, but, I think as future events unfold it will start to come more into the limelight as an issue. The mass media is of course a problem because they set the agenda for what needs to be discussed day to day, if it's not on the news mass media style then chances are masses of people are not talking about it. Public education is a root/core issue that branches out into many other issues but I think mass media and television has to be the way to seriously having a new discussion about it in mass. Strong efforts in local communities and districts for real reform would be the best way of trying to get something going on the mass radar. That and/or a great book by a great author. It seems there are many books out today that discuss stuff like this but many fly under the radar of the mass conscience, a book that could tell it like it is and get on the mass conscience radar, that is something I have been contemplating. Anyway, again thanks for your comment, greatly appreciate your insights.

Thanks for the interesting reply

If you find the time, can you please post your comment on the site where the article originally appears? I value your statements and would love to have them appear along with the article. thank you!

Children are considered property in this society.

I am not hopeful that any level of activism on the local level will sway this particular attitude. What is your reaction to these statements?

Short of abolishing public schools, or allowing the universal use of vouchers (giving my money back to me), I don't actually see a solution to the problems I perceive.

When I was a kid one of our elementary schools was called JFK. We called it Jail For Kids, because to all of us that was plainly what it was. Where in the Constitution do you think our government (Federal or State) gained the right to imprison persons of a certain age? I don't think this issue is trivial at all.

My comments on the trailer

This one will go viral: most of them are young adults at an early age, they know how rotten the schools are, they might even start their own protests.... some day :)

Imagine kids refusing to get on the bus ?

Imagine refusing to get off the bus (once at the compound) ?

Imagine how many video cameras will be rolling ?

Imagine the police can't confiscate all the cameras before Mom and Dad show and throw a fit over the treatment of their children ?

So, how do we help the producers get this video in front of every teenage patriot ???

Public Viewings

I work with a democratic school and we are holding screenings of the movie at a local coffee shop that has a small conference room. We are thinking of contacting student councils and talking to counselors about getting information on students that have been kicked out of school for zero tolerance issues and the like. Posting flyers or getting college kids to post flyers on campus and hold free or donation based screenings are good ideas. Posting links to this article on teen forums or the like would a be good I think as well, get it on digg or something.

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