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Please Help MEE & iBailout!! Reach 1,000 Fans on Facebook

Hello, all.

I earlier introduced my recently released iPhone game iBailout!! here and I really appreciated the great response (http://www.dailypaul.com/node/123127).

I'm writing now to ask for support in spreading the word on iBailout!! by helping to build the Marroni Electronic Entertainment page on Facebook.

We're trying to hit 1,000 fans and whether you're only connected to a few dozen people or want to invite hundreds or thousands of your closest Facebook friends to join the party, everything helps and will be most, most appreciated.


Thanks a lot.

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C4L Blog

Just put up a C4L blog:

iBailout!! - The World's Greatest Game About the Federal Reserve


Hey, all. We're almost

Hey, all.

We're almost halfway to our goal of 1,000 Facebook fans and we're just looking for a few good men and women to invite their friends and help us get all the way.

All help is greatly appreciated and anyone that's going to be at the C4L Midwest Leadership Conference in Ann Arbor tomorrow, be sure to hit me up.

Thanks, everyone.