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Pawlenty on CPAC straw poll: "It's progress"

Gov. Pawlenty defended his standing in last week's straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Pawlenty finished a distant fourth to Texas Congressman Ron Paul and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. He also finished one percentage point behind former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and tied with undecided .

During a q and a with reporters in Missouri, Pawlenty disputed a reporter's notion that he didn't do well in the poll.

"First of all, the straw poll is preliminary. Last year, I finished second to last, I don't know how many were there something like fifteen people and I was second to last. And this year, out of fifteen people or whatever, I came in fourth. Unfortunately they showed just the top four finishers on TV so it made it look like I was last but there was a lot of people below including some other folks. To me that's progress.

You have to remember we just started this PAC last fall. Nobody really knows who I am. I'm from a small state and I don't have a lot of national awareness so most people even in the party don't know that much about me or even know who I am."


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