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Is it REALLY this bad?

warning: the following article contains some very disturbing thoughts:


If freedom-loving Americans are being manipulated to the extent portrayed in this article, we are in bigger trouble than I imagined. I would like to hear what other DPer's think about this.

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Let's see....

AJ and Truthers basically got Medina's campaign off the ground. And then AJ promotes and defends her vigorously every step of the way... until she agrees on national radio that him and the people who launched her campaign are despicable cultists who hate america.

Do you ***SUPPOSE*** AJ is just upset at being called an america-hating despicable cultist??? Could it be?? Is it too wild a theory to entertain?

Bottom line: Medina's answer should have been, "I do not believe the government had anything to do with 9/11, but many good-hearted everyday Americans have questions and I will defend their right to question government. If you don't agree with me and we can't move on to discussing issues related to the governor's race then this interview over."

If Medina would have answered this way and stuck to her guns, this would all be a dead issue nobody is talking about anymore. After a short controversy she would have come out looking like a fiesty fighter with convictions that stands up for the average citizen and won the respect of the people of Texas and America.

AJ has not ever required that Medina or Ron Paul or any politician believe or publically state that the government was complicit in 9/11 in order to gain his support. He's never even criticized a candidate for it.

Medina has set a pattern of precedence for the Media and establishment to harass and scorn any candidate with any known truthers in their support base. Which is a DANGEROUS precedent for Liberty candidates specifically and freedom of speech and expression generally.

AJ has a right to be concerned both over the precedent her actions have set for other Liberty candidates being harrassed about 9/11 AND that she agreed to a viscious smear of the support base that launched her campaign.

Dream up all the crazy conspiracy motives you want, but it's not fair or intellectually honest to just dismiss out of hand that maybe Medina just messed up and needs to fix it instead of floundering around driving even more wedges in her support base.

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I agree with the way you said

I agree with the way you said Medina should have answered the question, but I think we have to keep in mind, she is not a slick talker like Rick Perry, who has years of experience answering questions in just the right way. I don't believe being a slick talker like Perry is a necessity to be a governor, sometimes normal everyday people like Medina who are under alot of stress and on the spot, don't find the right words in the split second time they need to think about the question that was asked of them, and answer it. Sometimes the words don't come out quite the right way that they would ahve liked. Can anyone honestly say they never once in their life ever answered a question and didn't use the right words they wanted, and later thought about it and hoped it hadn't been misinterpeted, and wish it had been worded better? I myself have fallen victim to that same thing, someone asked me a question out of the blue, put me on the spot, I tried to answer best I could, but then later on, I thought about it, and my reply could have been worded better, and think, that might have been misinterpreted by the person who asked me the question, and then I can't help wonder if it was or not. Then later I wish I had answered the question better, been better prepared for it.
So, bottom line is, some people unfortunately seem to be thinking that Medina, with forethought and foreknowledge, meant to come out and say directly that 9/11 truthers were despicable. I don't believe that to be the case, at least I want to give her the benefit of the doubt. I think she was just on the spot, and knew it was very critical for her to answer that question as quickly and best she could, without looking like an oddball conpiracy theorist to the general public(I'm not sayin 9/11 truthers are oddball conpiracy theorists, just saying alot of people ahve that view), and maybe after the interview, she wished she could have worded it better, the way you did here in this post. Perhaps we'll never know the answer, but I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and not 100% condemn her and throw her under the bus. If I lived in Texas, I'd still vote for her because she is far better than Perry Or Hutchison.
Personally, I think she does have questions about 9/11, like most of us do, and she doesn't think anyone who questions 9/11 is despicable, I think she just needs more experience with being on the spot like that, and needs to come better prepared to these interviews(I believe someone in her campaign got on her case because she wouldn't do roleplaying to prepare her, maybe she should have listened and done it to better prepare for being questioned by hostile interviewers who want to trip her up and make her look bad, like Beck), to think ahead to what questions will likely be asked of her, and have a good well thought out response prepared.

I'm 90% sure...

I'm 90% sure Medina didn't mean to alienate and label truthers as despicable cultists. But I can understand if other people don't take it so kindly.

She needs to and could fix it. All she has to do is come out and say what I suggested above. Election is only three days away so it might not matter at this point.

As a truther myself I would still vote for her if I lived in Texas...

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Lee, each of us has to decide if we

look at the unfolding of truth negatively or positively.
It's very very hard when you first begin to realize the awful extent of the problems.
It works for me to keep Dr. Paul in mind (and I disagree with the author's last paragraph) His continued optimism after all these years, his ability to draw energy from his work, the truth, and the great response he's finally receiving.

It's about the money.

It's always about the money. Power, greed, selfishness and money.

. @ @ . Power to the People!
@ O @ -----> PEOPLE
. @ @ . NOT Corporate Entities!

it much worse than you can imagine


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it's all downhill from here !