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Founder of the Weather Channel and 30,000 scientists want to sue Al Gore for Global Warming fraud. (from 2009)


(Sorry, thought it was new but it is from 2009)

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So is the founder of the weather channel still with the weather


If not, ok. But the weather channel is partnering in the weather manipulation that is going on that is kept from the citizens.

I thought so, he is no longer affiliated with the Weather Channel.

Good interview

Take a glance at this recent, related DP thread, in case you missed it: The Green Agenda. Lots of tasty quotes to share re: fallacy of global warm-- er, "climate change."

That the OP's video here is from 2009 only underscores the fact that scientists have known for some time of the (ahem) "mistaken findings" of those in the greeeeeen movement.

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Bump: I checked for updates, but no more recent information.

The number should be 40k now.

That's ok

still interesting.

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