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Reliable sources for news and info?

Just curious as to what outlets DP'ers use to get their news and information.

What is you favorite and most informative resources for news and info outside of the MSM. I wouldn't mind checking out some new stuff for a change.

TV, radio, net, whatever it is, feel free to share. Thanks. I'm not trolling, just burnt out from last week and wouldn't mind checking out new voices and perspectives.

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It depends on what your interests are.

Are they varied? A website similar to perhaps Rense.com, one you may be interested in is WWW.SURFINGTHEAPOCALYPSE.COM



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drudgereport.com has some

drudgereport.com has some interesting stuff sometimes


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I get my news from bigmikedude.

He's reliable and sends me nude pics once in a while.


Try this: http://rt.com/

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Oh you're soooo bad.

Way to go. Now there's another conspiracy theory floating around out here.