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Birch Society for Ron Paul in CPAC vote?

This article reveals JBS role as CPAC cosponsor and some of the tensions between various groups involved. The society is very pro Ron Paul and must have helped in his straw poll win.


CPAC: "Conservatism" at the Crossroads
William F. Jasper
Wednesday, 24 February 2010 13:15
The New American

President Barack Obama's first year in office has done much to stir broad and angry opposition to his autocratic rule and his efforts to nationalize and socialize virtually the entire American economy.

However, as the 2010 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), which met recently in Washington, D.C., demonstrated, the opposition is far from unified. The three-day event (February 18-20) at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park Hotel was a factious, inharmonious affair exposing the deep philosophical divisions and conflicting political goals within the loosely defined "conservative movement."

Launched in 1973 by the American Conservative Union and Young Americans for Freedom, CPAC has been the annual "premiere" gathering of conservatives, featuring future, current, or past Presidents of the United States, Governors, Members of Congress, authors, academics, commentators, and celebrities.

While ostensibly nonpartisan, CPAC has been essentially a Republican event, with a sprinkling of Libertarians and exiled anti-communist Democrats. That changed this year, however, owing largely to the repudiation of the GOP in the 2008 elections and the repudiation by rank-and-file conservatives of the Big Government Republican Party exemplified by George W. Bush and most of the GOP leaders in Congress.

This year's conference, the largest ever, was particularly notable for the large presence of activists from Congressman Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty, an outgrowth of his energetic and highly visible 2008 presidential campaign in the Republican primaries. In addition, independent Tea Party activists, many of whom also were activated by the Ron Paul campaign, comprised a significant contingent of the more than 10,000 attendees at the CPAC confab.


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At my JBS

meeting the other day 80 percent of the attendees are elderly folks. Ron Paul is openly discussed at these meetings.


If there's any "kookiness" or "racism" associated with the JBS, it all comes from the same media assassins that tried to pin Congressman Ron Paul as a racist with the cooked up hit piece about the newsletters.

As a former Chapter Leader, one of my jobs was to keep out racists and those who would try to use the society for selfish means.

"Kook" seems like a term I'd try to stay away from because the main purveyor is the statist media, which puts the label on anyone wary of state power.

Great article...

Could you elaborate on your comment?

"This article reveals JBS role as CPAC cosponsor and some of the tensions between various groups involved. The society is very pro Ron Paul and must have help in his straw poll win."

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

The New American,

which is a John Birch Society publication, has had many pro Ron Paul articles through the years. They are non-interventionists and free-marketers, oppose fiat currency, and don't trust MOST of those who call themselves conservative. Since they were co-sponsors at CPAC and had a double booth there they obviously had a staff present who would be motivated to support Paul in the straw poll.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.


I've been following the JBS and reading New American for many years and generally agree with them on most issues.

They do carry some "baggage" from the 1960's of being accused of racism and kooky by the neocons. The same way they try to lie about Ron Paul today.

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The best I could discover

Wm Buckley drummed them out of the conservative movement saying they called Eisenhower a communist (maybe something about those interstate highways, who knows?) If anyone knows of anything else, let us know. Meanwhile, that is so much less than people say about Bush and Obama, it is almost quaint, to me.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

Here's the...

Here's the racism thing -->

One of the 12 founders was Revilo P. Oliver, a University of Illinois professor who later severed his relationship with the society and helped found the "white nationalist" National Alliance.

I don't know of any other racism issues as JBS was later criticized for "acceptance of Jews, non-whites, Masons, and Mormons to join it".

But they still bring up the racist guy to try and smear JBS.

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Racism/Anti-Semitism in JBS

Weebles: The issue of racism or anti-semitism incidents within the JBS is a very complicated matter to discuss.

Contrary to what you wrote, this issue did not end with Revilo Oliver during the 1960's.

In fact, in recent years there has been a major controversy within the JBS over remarks made by JBS President John McManus.

Both the current and former CEO's of the JBS characterized the McManus remarks (which he made before Catholic organizations) as "anti-semitic".

In addition, the only Jewish member of the JBS National Council (David Eisenberg) was initially very disturbed by McManus's remarks and he exchanged several pointed letters with McManus about the matter. Ultimately, Eisenberg agreed to accept McManus's assurances that his speeches before Catholic organizations would be revised.

Then, later, William Norman Grigg (the former Senior Editor of the JBS magazine, The New American) posted comments in his blog which confirmed another incident involving McManus and his anti-semitic views.

With respect to racism:

I would agree that the JBS has been on the receiving end of some unfair and over-heated comments -- but the JBS has never adequately explained why it allied itself with segregationists during the 1960's and even employed them as speakers and welcomed them as members and paid speakers for the JBS.

Prominent Birchers who were segregationists include: T. Coleman Andrews, Tom Anderson, A.G. Heinsohn Jr., Delmar Dennis, and several officials of the White Citizens Councils movement such as Louis Hollis, W.J. Simmons, and Medford Evans.

Lastly, no one has ever adequately explained:

(1) What Robert Welch meant in private letters by his observation that a "zionist conspiracy" pre-dated and dominated the Communist conspiracy

(2) Why Robert Welch was so welcoming to racists and anti-semites associated with the JBS (as long as they kept their bigotry to themselves so it would not embarrass the JBS). For example: Revilo Oliver and Verne Kaub.

(3) WHY so many indisputable virulent racists and anti-semites have been attracted to the JBS? They became members, endorsers, writers, and speakers who then "graduated" from the JBS and associated themselves with neo-nazi, anti-semitic, and racist organizations. For example, see list below.

Can anyone come up with a comparable list for any other "educational" organization?

Dean Kennedy (Citizens Law Enforcement and Research Committee; Hitler admirer)

Willis Carto (Liberty Lobby and about 2 dozen other groups)

William Potter Gale (Ministry of Christ Church / Christian Defense League / Posse Comitatus)

Gerda Koch (Christian Research Inc)

Thomas Metzger (White Aryan Resistance / California Knights of the KKK)

Gordon Kahl (Posse Comitatus)

Ardie McBrearty (Aryan Nations, Christian Identity, and U.S. National Taxpayers Association)

Bernard Klassen (Nationalist White Party / Church of the Creator)

Gordon D. (Jack) Mohr (Christian Identity movement)

Kevin Strom (National Alliance / Stormfront)

Eric D. Butler (Australian League of Rights)

William Pierce (National Alliance)

Speros Lagoulis (Joe McCarthy Bookstore--Boston)

Robert A. Surrey (American Nazi Party)

Verne P. Kaub (American Council of Christian Laymen)

Sheldon Emry (America's Promise Ministries / Christian Research Inc)

Louis T. Byers (National Youth Alliance)

David E. Lane (The Order)

Robert Mathews (The Order)

Revilo P. Oliver (National Youth Alliance / George P. Dietz's Liberty Bell)

George P. Dietz (Liberty Bell Publications)

Richard B. Cotten (Cotten Conservative Viewpoint newsletter)

Frank R. Purinton (New York Anti-Communist League)