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Putting FAITH in it's place...

Here's a "home run" for all those who have enjoyed my stubborn refusal to say "I have no proof that God exists"...so, I will stay with "majority opinion" in America and say...I do believe God exists...

It would just be nice if the professing Christians who are consistently duped into voting for more government, despotism, & tyranny, as well as those professing Christians who vote for their own self-interest at the expense of other people losing their Liberty would study the scriptures and some American History from our founding era for themselves, instead of listening to the IRS-controlled clergy, made-for-TV clergy, and the intellectuals blindly loyal to our ecclesiastical establishments and institutions that also support tyrannical government through the Democrat and Republican parties...and REALIZE that the taking of sides in religious wars as though "my god is good, and your god is bad" is the reason these politicians are so in favor of perpetuating these wars.

If we don't want this government picking and choosing winners and losers in the economic marketplace(and interfering with our tax dollars), then why would we want our government picking and choosing winners and losers in religious wars occurring across the pond; let alone get involved with our "homeland security"?

If I am advancing the idea that creation happened with NO logic or evidence to back up my assertions, then politicians are advancing the idea that socialism and communism works with no logic or evidence to back that up...everything is FAITH...and the only thing that should be consulting when we make our decision to believe and trust what another human being is saying to us, is HISTORY...and if history is ACCURATE(a VOLUNTARY belief and reverence for a Creator in a society results in better morals, and free market capitalism generates more economic activity, more tax revenue for the government, and more opportunities for financial prosperity)...then all the OPPOSITION can do is REVISE and REWRITE history!!! Right?

Aren't they??


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here's the best evidence I've found. Most people would consider "planet creators" godlike. Conclusions of coincidence admit as commonplace profoundly preposterous events.)

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On the small scale.

CTRL F "The Extreme Precision of Physical Constants"


(It's a long article and I find this part to be the most curious)

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