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Newsweek: "The Ron Paul Problem"


A well written post copied from the Newsweek Blog:
Posted By: blonduxo (February 25, 2010 at 12:45 PM)
Hmm one person's problem another's opportunity. Y'all need to wake up and smell the future.

Having attending CPAC there was a palpable divide noted between the dinosaurs who actually applauded Cheney to my horror, and those in the real world who are working hard to see the dawn and not the sunset of America, a new dawn that returns us to Constitutional principles.

The mature statesman, the sagacious and humble leader, the wise physician with the healing balm, the learned expert in economics is here to lead the republican party back to the future, to its roots, i.e. sound monetary policy, limited government, secured borders, non-interventionist foreign policy and individual liberty.

So the poll was meaningless and thus the author was dismissive of the results:

Well...politico could not believe it either so conducted their own poll with the following results:

http://dyn.politico.com/polls/poll_resultsTop10.cfm (scroll down)

Picking the winner

Who should have won CPAC's straw poll?

Ron Paul (the actual winner) 60%

Sarah Palin 12%

Mitt Romney 17%

Tim Pawlenty 2%

Mike Pence 2%

Someone else. 7%

Results were based on 46414 votes


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More and more people are listening beyond sound bites

when they actually think about what people say and what they do, it's hard to deny the truth that Ron Paul speaks.



Boos at CPAC. Hmmm. 3000 votes cast, give or take.

46K plus in the poll referenced here. Doesn't Politico or Newsweek sense a pattern? Or is it because the idea of an elected official holding an internally consistent and coherent message - politics based on sound philosophical thought - doesn't fit into their world view?

It was not a fluke. Don't discredit the results by suggesting Ron Paul is an unlikely candidate - he has not ruled it out, and from the looks of things, the popularity of his message grows by the day.

Look deeper - look for the message in the heart of the man. There will be found the explanation for the poll results.

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