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Paul Ad in Military Newspaper

I am an Army Soldier in Afghanistan. I wish I could do this but I really don't want to test the waters and push the envelope as a soldier. I just I could hope promote the cause by saying I'm soldier on this forum and donating $100 to www.ronpaultime.com. http://www.dailypaul.com/node/12709

I tried to get a political ad posted in the Middle East Edition of the Stars and Stripes (popular military newspaper) and my chain of command told me not to. They said that I cannot have my name associated with a political ad. I can only donate money but my name can't be on it.

So someone else needs to set up a fundraiser to put a Ron Paul ad in military newspapers. The Stars and Stripes (Mideast Edition) is the only newspaper the troops get for free on military bases in the Middle East. There is about 500,000 soldiers (plus civilian contractors) who will see the ad. I would set the fundraiser up myself, but like I said earler, I cant be directly involved. I definately cannot have my name on the ad. I also am not very internet savy the set up a website. But the contact person to post an ad in the Stars and Stripes is here:

Contact: Fred Schneider
Email: schneider@estripes.osd.mil
Tel. +49 6155 601 295

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Great Idea

I think it would be wonderful for our troops to be able to hear about Ron Paul over there but I don't think the private contractors would be happy about bringing the troops home (they would lose their jobs :) Its really difficult for the troops to know what is going on back home.

A friend of mine has a son and a nephew in Iraq right now. They aren't allowed to say where they are or anything about Iraq. They only can say I'm fine and ask how are you doing? They must moniter their phonecalls and emails. I think it would be great to let them know that someone wants to bring them home...it would be hope for our troops too. I will definitelycontribute to the ad if someone can pull it together.

Thank you for posting

I think that is a great idea.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Millitary MeetUps

Is there an Iraq or Afganistan RP meet up group?

If so we need to make a big big deal out of it.

You can count on my money for this

This could get great feedback/support/interest from our troops. Let America see how they really feel.


Now that I think of it, www.veteransforpaul.org would sound like the perfect place for this idea. I already emailed the website. I'm still waiting for a response.

Great Idea

I'll donate for this! I think this is a great idea.

Please make it a 1/4 page ad.


We will donate.

Please visit http://bestronpaulvideos.com/

I talked to Fred Schneider before

I spoke with him over the phone about two weeks ago. He did not tell me that they woulden't post a political ad. It was funny because he assumed that I was calling to post a business ad. After I told him it for a political ad he got silent on the phone. I thought he was going to object, but then he started quoting me prices at $4,000 a day. The daily rate is cheaper if you purchase for a week, month, quarter, and so forth. So they may allow it. Only the troops cant organize it. We can donate money to a fundraiser though. So enough talking. I know there someone who is web savy on this forum who can have this set up in a day.

I would donate

I like this idea. In Vietnam this was the only paper we got. Every week we would scour the entire paper looking for stories about our battalion.
Times have changed, but I would imagine it is still read for the same reasons.
The add could emphasis Ron Paul's support to veterans, and his desire to increase the funding to the VA.
It is always nice to be able to say that the military supports Ron Paul.


Ad in Stars and stripes

I think putting the ad in Stars and Stripes is a good idea. I think the campaign should do it. The bragging rights to being able to say that Ron Paul has got more donations from members of the military has been a powerful message.

Somebody Help with this.

Some body please set up this ad!!!
How about the Vets 4 paul organizers?
I'll donate to it if someone can set it up.
Maybe the official campaign can spend some of the money on ads at army times and stars and stripes.
This would get even more military donations and volunteers!!!
Ron Paul get's the most donations from military folks so it would be good for all over there to see the reality that Ron Paul is spreading like wild fire .
Liberty and freedom is why all soldiers fight and they will fight for Ron Paul.

Opresso De Liber
Life,Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!
Conscious of Our Creator and Source of our Liberties.

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I just commented on the times square forum...

...and saw that you started a new one! Good for you.

I know you personally can't, but do you know for a fact that WE can put a Ron Paul campaign ad in their newspaper?


out here in Iraq I see the same thing. It would be a great spot for an add.
And with money they would place the add.

i dont think they would put

i dont think they would put it in there..i understand your predicament as i too am a military member..it makes it tough because we are censored in so many ways...