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Can I get 4 ounces of gold out of the US ?


I'm going to San Francisco next week and I would like to buy 4 American Eagles there.

The problem is that, first I need to find a good reseller, but that I can manage..
The second problem is that I am not a US citizen and I will take a plane back to my country.

Do you guys know if I'm allowed to leave the US with 4 ounces of gold ? Will I have to pay any taxes ? Can it be stolen from me ?


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no problem

keep the gold in your cary on. it will show up in the scanner as coins. once on the plane take them out and hide them on your person so you wont have to worry about any customs agents seeing it. gold is no longer considered legal tender. it is now only just another comodity. i took out over 80 oz just last year.

it's all downhill from here !

eagles are legal tender

skibum wrote: " gold is no longer considered legal tender."

American eagle coins are legal tender, including the gold eagles.

"American Eagles are imprinted with their gold content and legal tender "face" value."

This is bad advice.

Do NOT hide the coins upon arrival. Many places are now x-raying you at customs. If he gets "caught" with those coins in his pocket and not on his declaration card, they will take them and, most likely, fine him for the hell of it.

Put a lock on your carry-on and have a nice flight home.

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Market Value < $10K

You don't have to declare these 4 gold coins.

You may want to ask for a private screening so you don't have to bust them out in the open in the airport.

As long as the market value is below $10 grand, it's no issue whatsoever


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"You may want to ask for a private screening so you don't have to bust them out in the open in the airport."

I don't know how the TSA works, and how their "mood" can be..
But I'll just put the coins in my cabin luggage.
If they want me to open it, then I can ask for a private screening, or should I ask them before ? They always accept the request of people asking for a private screening ?

I suggest putting them in your carry-on and sending them through

the x-ray. Only if they stop and ask you to open your bag would I bother to ask for privacy. Don't call attention to yourself. You're not doing anything illegal by taking the coins home. You'll have to declare them (NZ?) and I highly suggest you do. It's better to declare them than to have them stolen by customs when you get home then have to go to court to fight to get them back.

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4 oz = $4,000 - $5,000

As far as American customs is concerned, you do not have to report any currency/coin under $10,000. Just put it in your carry on bag. In fact, you most likely will not even see a customs person on your flight out of the country.

When you land in your country, you will have to deal with your laws, and I don't know what those are (or where you are from), but if you consider the Eagles as money(not goods), I can't imagine your country would require you to report such a small amount.


Thank you for the advice ^^
But 4 coins.. ouch.

That was good timing for this

That was good timing for this video. Too funny.

lol.. that is funny

lol.. that is funny

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technically you should be

technically you should be able take it out of the country. Mail it home with insurance. Yes it can be stolen if you fly with it and put it in baggage. You shouldn't have to pay taxes on it. Most dealers will sell it to you with no questions asked.

If you want to carry them on you could paint them silver/gray so they look like novelty coins and carry them in your pocket

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Or what about those chocolate

Or what about those chocolate gold coins? Wrap them in those gold wrappers and say they are chocolate coins. Just kidding. ;)

Heavy Chocolate

Yum. I want me some heavy chocolate.

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