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As Christians and all others, can't we agree that we just don't know all the truth. Nobody knows for sure, so why do we fight over what we don't know? You can quote from a book or what you have been taught but that will never change what I've read or been taught.

These are the little things that keep us divided. Gird up your loins and let's fight for freedom!!!

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Needs a rEVOLution. Time to cast out the Pharisees and Saduccees.

Binary thinking is deadly that is "us vesrus them"

Autonomy, mastery and purpose: How do you answer those questions?

Who am I and how do I rule myself?

What am I and what do I know of myself* and the world**?

Free from what? Who cares. Free for what?

* subjective knowledge is true for the subject.

** objective knowledge can be valid for anyone.

Real knowledge can be meaningful to another autonomous being.

In order to become good one must have been good already.

Free includes debt-free!

Dr. Paul and Medina are Christians

Got a problem with that? What, no "Devils for Debra" movement? No "Reptoids for Rand"?

Any libertarian, freedom promoting candidates out there that plan on going to The Grove and openly worship Satan? Hmmmm...why is that...?

knock it off

We christians here embrace liberty. you got the right to believe in the michiline man if you want. No believer here is forcing anything into your brain. We got the freedom to share what we believe in and you have the freedom to poo poo it if you want. Who cares now get back to work on securing freedom for all. We have liberty as a shared goal.

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I think we are on the same page. Please read again.


It also said in the end times the Saints will fight each other. My guess due to infutration of all churches by the Illuminati. I love debate but hate violence. God bless all Christians.

Jesus is the light

umm where did you read that?

umm where did you read that?

“Defiance of God’s Law will eventually bring havoc to a society.” - Dr. Ron Paul

I will look it up and post by tomorrow

I will look it up and post by late tomorrow. Pretty sure it would have to be in Danial or Revelations

Jesus is the light

My bad

It was a sermon having to do with many of God's elite being seduced in the end times. I will die before killing another.

Jesus is the light

that will be interesting to

that will be interesting to see.. I like to think I know the bible pretty well and have never read that.
I willing to bet you are wrong but won't be dogmatic on it.. actually at that time God calls his people together, not to fight eachother.

“Defiance of God’s Law will eventually bring havoc to a society.” - Dr. Ron Paul