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Enough already with the Alex Jones bashing!

I have been involved with the Ron Paul movement from the begining, and I have to say I have been to this site on a regular basis. However, I have had enough of this Alex Jones "boogeyman propaganda". I could hardly remember my password to post this forum, but I felt compelled. What Debra Medina said was wrong! Alex reacted to what she said, as did I. Do I understand why she said this? Yes. Do I like it? No. Will I still support her? Yes. Get over it and move on. Sick of seeing this nonsense.

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This is Daily Paul - It is a EOP Bashing Site

We bash politicians and each other
----It's a way to vent intellectually.

I prefer to talk about Community-Economics
---but most don't ;-)

Just because there is Jones/Medina spat, or a Paul/Ventura spat

there is Jones/Medina spat, or a Paul/Ventura spat, or any other patriot/patriot spat does mean that someone was trying to bring someone else down. If anyone thought the road back to liberty was gonna be paved with marshmallows, you must have just arrived on the scene.

But what you can be sure of is that all means will be employed to bring division to this movement. If someone believes that 'your_friend' signed up to post here tonight just because he cares so much about us, I have some moon cheese for sale.


How could I possibly elaborate on a simple statement?

If what you are asking is 'will I do the work for you', No. I prefer that someone do the work themselves and not have to believe me or any other individual.

Let me know how your research goes. Good Luck

"How could I possibly elaborate on a simple statement?"

Usually one elaborates with words.

This is a public forum and people sometimes ask questions of other members.

Forum: A place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.

Sorry to catch you at the wrong time of the month.

Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

Beck and Jones worked together to bring Medina down

They are a Two-Headed Judas Goat

Or maybe I'm full of hot air right now.

Alex Jones is the safety net should the Glenn Beck rope break.

The Glenn Beck rope broke in the Texas race for governor.

Alex Jones did his part to knock down Debra Medina with the conservative leaning 911 Truth crowd once Beck was down and out. (she still got 20% with Beck and Jones both attacking her - way to go Debra!)

We all need to stop looking to people like Beck and Jones and just think for ourselves. STOP BEING SHEEP.

The good news is that you are at the dailypaul so that is a good sign that you are at least beginning to think for yourself :-).


To how many more threads will you post your bogus link.

It might work at a MSM site, but not here.
These folks actually do their homework.

You are a shill and restoretherepublic is bogus

Can you elaborate?

"restoretherepublic is bogus"

Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

I agree

about Medina.

What some people bring up against Alex Jones is really childish stuff or some weird speculations.
I'm not interested in neither and would also be glad if this stops.

I agree.

My husband and I were once considering moving to Texas if she won. Let's move on.


thanks, enough is enough


people come out and plead for one side, "quit laying into them", and then turn right around and say "the other side was wrong"

if you are a debra medina supporter and you went for AJ's throat, stand here >>>>

if you are a alex jones supporter and you went Medina's throat, stand here >>>>

(me slams your two heads together)



If only we learned how to differentiate between a real enemy, and a friend who is going to make mistakes, sometimes big ones, then we might actually not self implode every single time someone shows themselves to be human.

so many holier than thou types on the DP, god, I love you guys, but you piss me off. if we were in the real world, i'd be dishing out some tough love. ever eat dirt? i'll make you eat dirt. What's that, you say you're huge and a cage fighter? i don't give a shit, i'll have help. we're not going to fight you. we'll give you a big group hug, then we're going to make you eat dirt, then maybe some humble pie. you don't want to know what's in it. ok, we'd really just make you eat rice and beans.

but maybe some of you would take a stab at realizing that when you look at your own lives, you couldn't stand even 1/10th the scrutiny these people have to endure.

chipaugel that was the worst olive branch extension i've ever seen. what kind of call for peace is that? lol.

i still like AJ, and I still like Medina, despite some of their supporters coming unhinged.

Olive branch? I just want this to end!

I haven't posted for over a year! I am sick of seeing this on dailypaul. Everyday there is something new. I guess I was contributing to the nonsense, but please know that it was just out of frustration!

AMEN, PREACH! get over


get over yourselves and support freedom candidates...

And the explanation for the crashing...

of the pro second amendment rally??? Also why was Ron Paul's reply on the same topic satisfactory but Debra Medina's reply unsatisfactory. These are blaring contradictions that have to be answered for. Once they are addressed I'm sure most will be willing to put this subject to bed.

Good point...

It is funny how these guys took it from Dr. Paul, but went nuts over Medina doing the same thing. That is an inconsistency for sure, but frankly I think everybody is sick of this and we need to put it to bed.

Although if she doesn't get a runoff against the BilderBUMS, I wouldn't want to be AJ. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face...

Just stop this.

Ron Paul said it....She said it...Alex said this! Whatever. Enough!


I won't even touch the 2nd amendment rally. I don't live in Texas. The only reason I even knew about it was Alex Jones. Let's move on to the complaint that Aunt Bee had with the lack of display time for her prize winning apples in Mayberry. I believe she said anyone who believed that our government was involved, would be considered a cult and dispicable. Her first comments were in my comfort zone (sort of). I don't agree with her. I still support her. Let's move on.