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Debra Medina: Constitutional David Takes on Two Goliaths

Debra Medina is a student of history and during a 20-minute interview with her, she mentioned the Federalist Papers more times than in some college history courses I’ve taken.

Mrs. Medina, who is currently embroiled in a three-way primary battle with incumbent Governor Rick Perry and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, told me that she received as a gift from her children a two-volume collection of Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers arranged chronologically and that she has taken copious notes in the margins. This “heavy reading” buttressed her innate sense that the federal government has overstepped the boundaries drawn for it by our Founding Fathers and that the states, by not standing up to this encroachment, are complicit in that act.

“The states have to stand up to the federal government if we are to restore the balanced, constitutional government designed by our Founders,” Mrs. Medina said. She rightly asserts that according to her reading of history, the Founding Fathers never intended, in their creation of our constitutional republic, to diminish state sovereignty in order to energize the national government.


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