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Remember Schoolhouse Rock now there's Liberty Rocks!

Here are a few Schoolhouse Rock Videos;


The Shot heard "around the world":

No More Kings:

Now theres www.OurSovereignty.org

this is bound to get more people involved

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I remember when I first saw

I remember when I first saw No More Kings on t.v. when I was a little kid, and I'd never heard a woman sing with a really good sing-song voice the way the Lynn Ahrens did. I loved it. It made me want to just leap off the couch and dance to the song(the song ran through my head for years afterwards too). Sort of the same way that the first time I heard the theme song to the t.v. show Jack of All Trades (link below)
When I first heard that theme song, I also wanted to leap up off the couch and dance, though its somewhat rare I hear song that move me that way.

Liberty Rocks

I really like the mans voice in the Fireworks song! I wonder who He is?

I hope they make there "Liberty Rocks' videos as fun and catchy as the schoolhouse rock ones.

wow--memory lane....

didn't know anyone watched that or even remembered....

was a good show for its time....


For the vid on their splash page.