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Comes Now Debra Medina to Fight for Texas and the Republic

Our Republic is fighting for its very existence. The Constitution is being shredded by all three branches of government. We have run up a debt of 12 trillion with 65 trillion coming due and every penny more we spend is driving the next generations deeper into debters slavery. We owe money to the Chinese and the Russians that we can't pay back. Our state sovereignty is routinely ignored by a Congress which either has never read the 10th Amendment or does not care what it says. Yet we are now told by certain influential political pundits that the litmus test for Liberty Candidates to serve us in high office is whether they are willing to crush the voice of political minorities as was attempted by the Obama administration when it labeled Christian Conservatives as potential domestic terrorists? How shallow is the commitment to freedom and liberty of a man willing to DEMAND reciprocity against the majority for marginalizing his voice while he commits the same atrocity to those voices even more in the minority than his own?

Republicans of the Great State of Texas I implore you to remember how our founders were treated in the British media which was beholden to and sought favors from the ruling government of their time. Radical, Traitor, and extremist were Washington and Jefferson named yet they went on to establish the greatest Republic in the history of this planet under the eyes and influence of the Spirit of the Founders. Thus when you hear pundits in the main stream media attacking Liberty Candidates recall for whom they work and curry favor and realize that by their actions we can determine which of our candidates are indeed most like the founders themselves. Much of the press is used today, either directly or through artful manipulation, to marginalize those with the audacity to challenge the preeminence of the political establishment. This is because the accumulation and retention of power is the primary goal of the ruling classes and they will use the media to destroy any citizen statespersons willing to fight against the chains of political conformity that have been crafted for everyone but them.

Here today then is a Texas Gubernatorial candidate who's every policy position harkens back to the words of the patriots of old. She has called for Texas to protect property owners and to lead the nation in setting the precedent returning to the people full ownership, not tenancy, of their property. She has articulated with the voice of Jefferson that the people must be allowed to keep what they produce so that they will WANT to continue producing. She has vowed to stand up to the federal government insisting that Texas retain more of the fuel taxes collected for Texas roads. She will demand that the federal government honor its obligations to defend the border of Texas from the rampant lawlessness that results from illegal immigration. She has extolled you to ask yourselves, "what is it that the government is now doing for me that I should be doing for myself."?

She is a champion of your property rights, individual liberties and state sovereignty. So strongly do I believe this and so critical it is for us to elect Constitutional Conservatives to all levels of government and so appalled I was to see how one of the greatest Liberty Candidates was being treated by the establishment media machine that I had to come here tonight to share with you why Oklahoma patriots love Medina. All eyes now turn to Texas and the hopes of patriots all over the world turn to your state while praying that at this time and at this place will all of you strike a blow for Liberty. Stand together Texans and fellow citizens and let us push forward in the great battle of our age and write our names besides the patriots of old and now the new.

Jefferson, Adams, Franklin; Houston, Austin…MEDINA!

RJ Harris
Constitutional Conservative Republican
U.S. Congressional Candidate
Oklahoma 4th District

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Jefferson & Adams:

Not Hamilton!

Bumpety bump bump.

Medina for Texas! Indeed, Medina for all of US!

Please give some time to calling for Debra today, March 2.

That's Houston, not Hamilton ;-)

I swear this woman could have led the troops at San Jacinto if Houston had fallen ill.


and goodnight.