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Frank Rich, Ron Paul and the Battle for the Soul of America

In his Sunday New York Times column, Frank Rich tries to belittle and defames Congressman Ron Paul, because Dr. Paul wants to shrink the size and scope of the federal government. By lumping the former 2008 GOP presidential candidate with the pro-war 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee, Sarah Palin, and militaristic talking head Glenn Beck, who delivered a sharp rebuke of the GOP in his CPAC speech more than a week ago, Rich reveals his true colors: an unapologetic supporter of the welfare-warfare state.

Ron Paul should not be linked to either of these big government conservatives, nor to extremists like Joe Stack, who recently flew a plane into an office building housing the I.R.S. in Austin, Texas, or Timothy McVeigh who bombed a government office building in Oklahoma City in 1995. Frank Rich tries to paint Ron Paul and his supporters as violent, “obsessed and deranged,” and therefore a lunatic fringe that should be ignored as critics of the federal government’s policies, which Rich apparently supports: mass killing overseas, and legal plunder and currency debasement at home. Instead, Frank Rich implies that any criticism of the welfare-warfare state is due to a psychological disorder and therefore “these’ people are really “enemies of the state” and should be monitored very carefully.

Ron Paul has been one of America’s articulate advocates of a constitutional republic in the United State Congress. Dr. Paul supports abolishing the Federal Reserve and ending the income tax. He also favors replacing the entitlement programs with charities, and creating real, sustainable prosperity built on a foundation of savings and investments. Dr. Paul also opposes preemptive war and military adventurism overseas, a policy that fans the flames of hatred for America. In short, Dr. Paul is America’s most outspoken critic of the Empire that is responsible for tens of thousands of innocent deaths overseas and the financial bleeding of our economy.

Reprinted from Murray Sabrin.com via Lew Rockwell.com

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I repectfully diagree that

I repectfully diagree that Frank Rich lumps Dr. Paul in with Beck and Palin and other neo-cons trying to infiltrate the liberty movement. He is the first neo-con Zionist to point out the differences between Dr. Paul and the liberty movement and the rest of the GOP establishment. He states we ignore the differences "at our peril" They fear the liberty movement for it is the only thing that can stop their plans to destroy America with continued war and spending.

Dis-oriented...half factual and poorly written.

Wonder if the Times is looking for help ???

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who on earth is . . .

Frank Rich?

I mean, I can see that he is a columnist, but . . .

I think it's amusing that anyone cares--

if people refuse to think for themselves, then this (?) is what *they* get, I suppose.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

"Damn you Ron Paul, DAMN YOU"

Says Mr. Rich. "For being PROVEN RIGHT! You are discrediting all our beloved Neo-Con myths.""

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."
Thomas Jefferson

People like Frank Rich

want YOU enslaved to a massive central government yoke. If you object, he tries to label you as psychotic!

The psycho is NOT the individual who wants freedom, peace, and prosperity for him or herself and others, the psycho is the one who wants to control others, steal their product, and warmonger across the globe!

Enough is enough with these fools - they "reason" like CHUMPS.


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

Here is an excellent video that explains why Barry Goldwater

thinks RP should be president and directly refutes what Rich has to say:


ecorob's picture

Rich is a "tool" of the government...

and has no mind of his own, he is to be pitied and held accountable for his traitorous speech against constitutionally minded citizens of liberty

it is his job to "demonize" free speech thinkers in such a way as the yellow man of vietnam was demonized by the media in the past (that makes it easier for the general public to allow for their extermination either by the military or the jack booted thugs of "blackwater", for example...the new nazi brownshirts)

also, it is a double edged sword the media wields as it portrays Ron Paul in the national spotlight...on the one hand he is elevated to sarah palin "status" as a leader on a national level, on the other he is grouped with certain bad people...their hope, the media, is that the general public will not be able to figure out if he is good or bad

this is a tragic flaw on the part of the media to trust that their "spin" of Dr. Paul will be accepted as truth

the truth is that D. Paul has and will continue to springboard to the front lines as a leader for Americans who wish once again to "claim" their government

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

the psychological disorder

comment is an obvious sign to me- those of us with a "psychological disorder" are those who think for themselves and don't cave to the status quo. They must keep on top of this movement as it is growing rapidly. On a side note, if anyone saw the video of the students picketing and running Karl Rove out of town after the speech he was giving (wish I could remember where) and asking the Rove supporters why they supported a murderer- these sort of actions are going to keep increasing and this is why they are using these terms- psychological disorder. keep up the great work patriots!! btw- two women on the video had no idea what the students meant or why they were saying and chanting these things, or maybe they did, but if it were me- i would look into the allegations these students were making before "proudly" walking into another of these speeches as a supporter.


Jabob-Esau Battle...

plain as the nose on your face! The Lord is separating the chaff from the wheat. Which side are you on??? The Conflict of the Ages is being played out before our eyes for such as time as this. It is a time for choosing...-whzh-

He who sells what isn't his'n, buys it back, or goes to prison!!!...-whzh-