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IRS Audits Woman for Being Too Poor

OK, you've heard of the IRS auditing people because they think you have too many assets (boats, Cadillacs) compared to your documented income.

Now they're auditing people because they think they are too poor!

A Seattle hair dresser says the IRS wanted her to pay $16,000 because an auditor thought she was abusing the Earned Income tax credit. After demanding all sorts of records (birth certificates, custody records, etc.) for her children, the IRS finally settled on charging her $1600.

She agreed to pay, but then the IRS went after her parents, with whom she is living. The IRS is harassing them to the extent of asking for blueprints of their house where she and their grandchildren are living.

The IRS basically wants all of us to fit into narrow categories of "average" income and expenses. Anyone higher or lower is targeted to meet auditors' quotas.

Somebody tell the IRS that "average" automatically implies that some are higher and some are lower than average.

I'm wondering when the TARP recipients will receive the same level of scrutiny.

Original story at ABC News

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comment; "I'm wondering when the TARP recipients will receive the same level of scrutiny."

I don't think some realize that was your comment Blimpy, and not part of the article.

The TARP money was supposed to go for the "toxic" assets and it never did. Now banks are cooking the books to hide the fact they aren't foreclosing on many properties, allowing the non-paying mortgage owner to live for free. They can't afford to mark to market those assets without the FDIC knocking on their door.

Of course the FDIC is in trouble too...

Talk about your need to audit...but just like the Fed, the banksters know We The People "can't touch this!"

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IRS, taxes, and a new system

Yeah, I added some commentary of my own.

I think taxes that are assessed on businesses and large endeavors (like import/export) are better than personal taxes (like the current income tax).

Even a federal sales tax would be better than an income tax. Instead of assessing 200 million individuals, there would only be 30 million businesses assessed. Best of all might be to let the states assess taxes (in whatever way desired) and send those to DC.

Also, if people are taxed in in-come, why aren't they able to deduct all expenses that businesses can? Not just a few piddling deductions, but everything that Google and Microsoft deduct (including pool tables, sofas, furniture, free pop and food, electricity etc.).


Governments are monstrous.

An other example we had a few days ago in France.. Nothing to do with the subject, I am sorry, but it got on my nerves and I suddenly need to write about it.

The State placed two children in a family because their father was a pervert and went to prison and their mother is "slightly mentally ill" (she has the intelligence of a child).
But they were removed from this family because....
the family loved them too much !!!

That's right.. One day those poor children might be sent back with their monstrous father and their stupid mother so.. They must not be loved too much, you understand the logic here ?!

You know what would happen

if the IRS stopped existing tomorrow? Nothing. Do you think that government really takes your taxes and uses them for essential programs?

The American people could stop paying taxes immediately and nothing would happen to the government. It's all a lie.

fed gov't would be OK

State governments would have problems, as the states don't create their own money out of nothing.


It is getting rough.

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