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MONSANTO Making Their Big Move Today

Monsanto is making a move that will endanger a clean food supply - they think that not enough people care to stop them. Please read the following, and take action.


More information about why GMO alfalfa is a problem:

Direct link to the petition:

The World According to Monsanto documentary:

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this is the reason i started my constitutional journey...
thanks for the link.


Signed, emailed to friends,

Signed, emailed to friends, posted on Facebook and a Big BUMP!

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Everyone should sign this.

Everyone should sign this. Even if they dont care about organics. Because it WILL effect you.




And signed....



Boycott all the products they are associated with; Kraft, Kellogs (which sadly, owns Kashi), Dupont, Round-up, rBGH products, Sweet N Low and Equal.

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I am with that

Boycott this company and it's terrible associated products.


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I sent them a message- thanks for the link.

It only takes a minute to add your name to the message that Americans do NOT want genetically modified foods.

Please, take a moment and do something good today.


Fighting Monsanto

The war on terror that needs to be fought.....

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GMO alfalfa?

" recent USDA environmental review may finally approve Monsanto’s GMO alfalfa. If approved, this will fundamentally undermine the entire organic industry overnight."

pertinent part, here's their petition, but I don't understand how this affects anything major. A ton of GMOs already exist in the market, even the "organic" market.

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I petitioned and Facebooked

I signed this and posted on Facebook with information about GMOs. This is an important issue and we need to stay on top of it.


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Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow


so more can get active on this.

bumped and signed

let's go!

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