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John Dennis Campaign Gaining Popularity

Email from Dennis Campaign:

John's campaign to defeat Nancy Pelosi has been buzzing over talk radio airwaves the last couple of weeks. His campaign website has become the #1 visited campaign site in the U.S. and he has raised over $150K from January 1st until now. John's common sense "Tea Party" conservative approach to the many problems in Washington D.C. are gaining traction with people across the country.

Please take the time to watch some of the interviews, defeating Nancy Pelosi is within our reach.





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bigmikedude's picture

Can't see how he can possibly lose.

I would even stoop to voting for the likes of an idiot like Glenn Beck, or somebody's garden scarecrow for that matter, if it were running against Pelosi.

An Alternate Choice... Pelosi must go!!!

This has to be one of the most looked at contest in the country... We have to get behind Dennis... Thanks...

Joel - A 70+ Survivalist...

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