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WE TEXANS Town Hall Meeting 3/01/10

Here is a Ustream video of a Medina Town Hall meeting held yesterday, 3/01/10:


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She was asked during this Town Hall Meeting, "Will you audit the ballot results"?

Medina's answer:

"...That's a difficult question and clearly it'll depend on what the results are. We do have a BALLOT INTEGRITY TEAM in place and have had them working for some weeks now to make sure, to the degree possible, that the election is conducted with the highest standards and the ballots are secure and they are accurately counted. We have some issues in Texas, I think, with regard to vote integrity and many of us have been working on that. There were interim hearings, both in the House Elections Committee and the State Affairs Committee in the Senate between the 2007 and 2009 legislative session. Many still have concerns about the voting systems being employed in Texas. We've got to look at those carefully. We've been studying them at this campaign and are working hard to ensure a secure and accurate ballot count..."

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