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Stinging Nettles - Comparable to Hemp In Fiber, Potent Medicine & Food

Stinging Nettles are comparable to Hemp in fiber, potent medicine & nutritionally amazing! And they grow wild all over the country and you won't get raided by the corporate government goons for growing or harvesting them.

While I think Hemp is great the reality is it is too risky to grow and process in the USA. So lets circumvent these corporate fascist goons and start using nettles!

Some excerpts below found at: http://www.dryit.com/nettles.html

"Nettle fiber is similar to that of Hemp or Flax. It was used into the seventeenth century for making cloth, from fine textured fabrics to coarse sailcloth and sacking. Europeans and Native Americans used the nettle fiber to make ropes an fishing nets. During World War I, the German Empire, plagued by textile shortages, used nettles as a substitute for cotton. Captured German uniforms were found to be 85% nettle fiber."

"For over two centuries, nettles have been used for medicinal purposes. They have beneficial influence on various body systems, including the lungs, kidneys, skin, and blood. The herb has been recognized for its ability to stop bleeding, relieve mucous congestion and water retention, and improve skin irritations. It is considered to be an excellent blood purifier."

"Nettle tea has been used to help increase the milk flow of nursing mothers. As a gargle, it is useful for mouth and throat infections. Applied externally, the tea is said to help relieve acne and eczema."

"Dried nettles have also been widely used for farm animals. Added to chicken feed, they will increase egg production. Used as fodder for cows, they will increase milk production. Whether for feathers or fur, nettles produce a healthier, glossier coat."

"Nettles are rich in iron, silicon, and potassium. They are very high in vitamins A and C. When dried, nettles are 40% protein. The dried plant makes a nutritious addition to soups, stews, or casseroles".

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I am going to experiment with using nettles for fiber cement like Hemp crete.

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hemp is legal to grow

in NC.

stinging nettle for fibre


you said at the end of your post that you were going to experiment...what were your results....i have experimented too and would love to know how you got on...




I'll experiment with the nettle patch this summer/fall. I imagine the fiber is most developed in older plants. Maybe I wouldn't mind wearing a nettle shirt after all.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Wow more great info on Nettles


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Its the latest

Thing in tea around here.

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

75% bullsh*t...and written to disinform...

If anyone here know the plant being referred to...they know that it is a "plague" in S. Oregon and almost everywhere it is found.
Does it have medical & industrial qualities...maybe so...but to say that it equals Cannabis is absurd !

8000+ yrs. of extensive medical history and much longer as a fiber. Campared to nettle...ha...ha...ha.

But I feel that this mis-info has another agenda. As cannabis growers well know...the nettle cross pollinates with Cannabis rendering the genetics of the cannabis "altered" and worthless !!!!!!

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Does hemp also cross pollinate with cannabis?

I would think if any plant does, hemp would.

Now that could be a real downer. Not that I would know anything about that sort of thing.


of course it does hemp is

of course it does hemp is cannabis. And yes Industrial hemp cross pollinating with the high THC content cannabis will lower the TCH content. That is the PTB's excuse for suppressing hemp; that the smoking kind could be hidden in industrial hemp fields but of course that is BS precisely for the reason above.

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It might not compare to hemp

It might not compare to hemp if You want to smoke it.

But the tea is a really old medicine, where I'm from.
The info is not bullshit.

The question is, what You want it for?

It been used for thousands of

It been used for thousands of years it is definitely comparable to Hemp in fiber and medicine and nutrition.

The advantages to hemp as far I can tell from my research so far is Hemp may be easier to grow in more arid dry areas and less fertile soils.

But soils can be improved and watered to take care of that. Permaculture would be perfect for Nettles. And those rasing chickens and livestock wow adding this to thier feed is a no brainer.

Nettles loose thier sting shortly after being picked or when dried for teas poultices and infusions. Also they are naturally resistant to pests and being eaten by deer etc. because of their sting

I am not against Hemp as the above poster seems to think in fact am all for it, but the reality is the PTB are suppressing it to protect the markets they know it can be used for.

Nettles can be a rubber meets the road freedom movement along with permaculture to help free ourselves from the collapsing centralized commercial military managed system.

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Dude do some research,

Dude do some research, Stinging nettle has been round and used as long as Hemp and for the same things! It has been long known as a medicinal, fiber, and animal feed.

Hemp is great but as I said right now you risk being raided by corporate thugs for growing it, and buying it for use is expensive. Nettles can be had for free.

In fact instead of being negative this would be a great way to take care of the problem in Oregon. if people know what it can be used for it will be under control in no time as people seek it out.

Also by circumventing the corporate thugs using nettles it will help make Hemp free eventually when the reasons they suppress hemp are circumvented, which namely are to secure thier markets for textiles and fuels etc.

As for the cross pollination thing now that sounds like misinformation to me. I'd like to see some evidence of that. As for rendering cannabis worthless since they both have many of the same qualities I don't see how that is possible unless your talking about THC content. In which case Industrial hemp has negligible amounts anyway.

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Nice post

Thanks for the great information. I did not know this about Nettles. Watch how you harvest it, though. They don't call it stinging for nothing.


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great news...

we have bumper crops of nettles. My horses and steers love to eat them after they have been cut. They eat them starting with the root and munch em up backwards, I am assuming so they don't get stung by the nettle itself.

I will have to check into the other uses, thanks!

Touched it once and it felt

Touched it once and it felt like I was on fire. Terrible to handle.

True. and Horses like trimmings from roses bushes too

I don't get that. But they love it.

Now I am going to bring my gardening gloves on walks and make some nettle tea. I remember my grandma talked about it.


In Germany it is knows as a

In Germany it is knows as a blood cleansing tea.
Used to drink it a lot.
Very good for You =)