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Ron Paul's Plan (Platform?) for a Constitutional President

My Plan for a Freedom President

How I would put the Constitution back in the Oval Office

Ron Paul

Since my 2008 campaign for the presidency I have often been asked, “How would a constitutionalist president go about dismantling the welfare-warfare state and restoring a constitutional republic?” This is a very important question, because without a clear road map and set of priorities, such a president runs the risk of having his pro-freedom agenda stymied by the various vested interests that benefit from big government.

Of course, just as the welfare-warfare state was not constructed in 100 days, it could not be dismantled in the first 100 days of any presidency. While our goal is to reduce the size of the state as quickly as possible, we should always make sure our immediate proposals minimize social disruption and human suffering. Thus, we should not seek to abolish the social safety net overnight because that would harm those who have grown dependent on government-provided welfare. Instead, we would want to give individuals who have come to rely on the state time to prepare for the day when responsibility for providing aide is returned to those organizations best able to administer compassionate and effective help—churches and private charities.

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Leaving Education to the states

Dear Rep. Ron Paul,

I have one question about your stance on education. From what I read I understand that you support the denationalization, if you will, of education. Do you mean that on an administrative level? Or did you feel that the curriculum itself should be decided by the state?

I am currently a student at Tulane University but am originally from Texas-- a state with radical and regressive ideas about education. Health and sexual education have always been inextricably entangled with Christian ideas; professors would withhold information about contraceptives and the realities of STDs in favor of preaching abstinence. Also, I am sure you are aware of the recent and growing movement to change classroom curriculum to deemphasize civil rights leaders, teach Creationism, and underline the importance of Christian beliefs as staples of the Constitution. My education should not be determined by the fact that I was born in the Bible Belt.

While I believe in states rights, I also believe that there should be a uniform, national standard for what is taught in public schools (from elementary to high school). Do you believe in any kind of regulation and oversight over public state school curriculum?

Thank you so much,
A dedicated supporter

Without the standardization

Without the standardization of school and lack of entry into the education market we would actual competition is our schooling. As you can see making everyone into "well rounded" individuals they loose their individuality. We all learn differently and we all grasp difference courses easier the other courses. What we need is schools driven to certain focuses. If you wish you could have your children taught in religious schools, if not maybe math driven, or science driven schools. Or maybe a well rounded one. The point is the choice would be yours, over our current system which removes all choices anyone has to make, ever.

Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto. - T. Jefferson rЭVO˩ution

"Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state wants to live at the expense of everyone.” - BASTIAT

Department of Education

"... a uniform, national standard for what is taught in public schools"

Yes, but that could consist of one three-ring binder kept in the Reference section of the Library, alongside the National Bureau of Standards (which I think they're now calling the "National Institute of Standards and Technology). On page one, you put "This is what should be expected from children graduating from Kindergarten." Page two, "This is what a first-grader should know." Page three, what a second-grader should know, and so on.

When I was a kid and we had to walk ten miles uphill both ways through twenty feet of snow, the school I went to won scholastic prizes for excellence, ENTIRELY ON LOCAL MONEY!

In about fifth grade, my Mom and Dad let me tag along to a local school board meeting, and I saw actual democracy in action - the people actually voted themselves a new tax (well, a "bond issue") to use on facilities and books. And other than the local school board, consisting mainly of parents, there was NO GOVERNMENT INVOLVEMENT WHATSOEVER, other than maybe the bond payments were tacked onto the local property taxes.

Schools used to educate, at the behest of parents. Nowadays, they're nothing but propaganda mills.

Freedom is my Worship Word!

good old post

"Thus, we should not seek to abolish the social safety net overnight because that would harm those who have grown dependent on government-provided welfare"

+ 1

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Charities vs Government

Rep. Paul,

I was born in 1931 as the great Depression was at its maximum. My earliest recollection was holding my father's hand while standing in a soup line. Our difficulties lasted into the early 40s. My father found steady workr only due to the WW2. There were very few Charities available and those that were gave so little help we were in a constant state of fear from hunger and no place to live. We moved in with aunts and uncles with as many as six children to a bedroom. Pretty bad circumstances.

I don't see how any of that will change because we all hope it will. At age 80 I'm finding my paying into Social Security and the Government run Medicare have been literally a life saver. Isn't it possible if we follow your plans such as reducing the military enough we can continue to have the benefits from these programs?

I must say, what I've seen of charitable organizations over the decades, is they really don't cover what's needed. For example, the Catholic Charities are in trouble because the Church's income is much lower since the pedophile scandle while the Vatican, as always, appears to be very rich. That's another matter.

As I see the trend in this country, it appears the economic problems we face are being put on the backs of the middle class and poor. I can't even imagine how that's going to work for us. How do you expect to see our econmy flourish under these circumstances?

I like what I hear from you. Good luck sir.


Great plan

I hope it will happen sooner than later.

excellent! thanks for the

excellent! thanks for the post..

“Defiance of God’s Law will eventually bring havoc to a society.” - Dr. Ron Paul

GREAT read!

i can totally see people reading this and saying "wait a second, this could actually work!" that's how we change minds, patriots!

whether ron paul uses this as a platform to run on in 2012, or whether someone else adopts this as his/her platform, we just need it to be the consensus of the public! we need SOMEONE to run with it!

We NEED Dr. Paul to run on it because

he WILL DO IT, someone else may not have the strength to resist all the temptations that will be arrayed against him/her to carry on with business as usual. Dr. Paul will do as he says, proven fact.


Defend Liberty, for Liberty
Vote for President Ron Paul 2012

i agree

but we cannot rely on dr. paul forever. at some point we need more honest liberty candidates to gain recognition and gain our trust. ron paul is the catalyst, but we need more people that are as strong as him to step up to the plate as well.

Also agree, however nobody else

at this time has his proven record. With him as a model we would have many up and coming to choose from soon.


Defend Liberty, for Liberty
Vote for President Ron Paul 2012

Ron Paul 2012

This is the greatest article. When Ron was running last time, everyone asked him, what will you do as President? He always had a cute comeback that the job was more about what he didn't want to do, but this article is really a plan that answers totally the question and can be a spring board for a campaign!
I hope he runs again with this as his action plan. It is excellent!


Could this be a prelude to a 2012 run? Is this his platform?

We can only hope.

A must-read. Could you please

A must-read. Could you please change the title to reflect that this is a Ron Paul article?

Ventura 2012

better or too presumptuous...

what do you think?


Defend Liberty, for Liberty
Vote for President Ron Paul 2012

its great, thanks! I just

its great, thanks! I just wanted to make sure that people read it. Ron Paul = ratings.

Ventura 2012

- double post



Defend Liberty, for Liberty
Vote for President Ron Paul 2012

Really READ this.

Thanks for the post. A window into the strategic mind of Dr. Paul.

10-15 million more voters need to believe in non-interventionism (liberty) at home and abroad to change America. Minds changed on Syria. Minds changing on privacy. "Printing money" is part of the dialogue. Win minds through focus, strategy.