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...remember Ron Paul instructed us ALL to "go clean up your OWN back yard"...

Here's how we're doing it...it's MARCH gang!!!

We gotta stop this state senator from getting another 4 year term - rumor has it he'd be pre-knighted for John Dingell's U.S. House seat with a legislative RECORD like this!!!


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Thank you...

... vote a Democrat into power to teach the RINO a lesson...

Plano TX


What we want is a true conservative in this seat...so we'll have to run a third party or independent against him in the General...too late to get signatures and run a Republican in the primary against him...if the Carpenter Licensing Bill is what can cost him his Senate seat because it is pro-union; no Democrat will even run against him here in Michigan, because he is already their friend!

What have the DP'ers got going for candidates running for State offices?

Any websites out there?